The use of projection mapping – using projected video to turn buildings and other flat surfaces into dynamic art – has exploded in recent years. Using motion graphics, video, 3D animation, and other new technology, events now have increasingly innovative ways to convey brand messaging, provide unique stage backdrops, decorate walls and ceilings, and evoke emotions.

Here are 10 examples of the most mesmerising projection mapping ideas we’ve seen recently.

1. Facade Fest 2017

For the Burrard Arts Foundation’s 2017 Facade Festival in Vancouver, 10 artists were chosen to have their artwork projected on the outside of the museum.

2. Plaza Mayor Madrid

The celebrations of the IV Centenary began on Friday, February 17 with the first immersive video mapping projected in Spain, a 360-video mapping that, thanks to its technology, allowed the viewer to be enveloped by the projection.

3. Norwich Castle Projection Show 2016

2016 saw a Christmas like no other in Norwich with a dazzling showcase of creative projections bursting with imagination, drawing people to the city centre. The installation saw Norwich Castle’s facade and geometry transformed by giant dancers.

4. iMapp Bucharest 2017 Winner – Gong Zhen – “Another World”

iMapp Bucharest is one of the biggest 3D international video mapping festivals in the world. Here is the winner, Gong Zhen, a mapping art designer hailing from Shanghai, China. Gong Zhen is also a mapping teacher and mapping exhibition planner.

5. White Night Melbourne 2018

Created especially for White Night 2018 by Limelight Projection Mapping and based on the event’s creative theme – What If? – this year’s 3D video mapped projection on the Royal Exhibition Building façade and showed all the grandeur, spectacle and WOW moments spectators had come to expect.

6. Chicago Blackhawks Projection Show Opener Ice 2016-2017

An increasing number of sports arenas are using on-court projection mapping to display player stats, accompany halftime entertainment, and increase fan engagement. The Blackhawks opened the 2016-2017 season at their home arena United Center in Chicago. Before the game, visitors went through the history of the team, and all the Chicago Blackhawks trophies with the projection mapping show created by Radugadesign studio.

7. Box

This short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera without any after effects added. As the performer engages with a morphing set, unfathomable shapes, graphics and animations are revealed. As the video continues, we’re eventually shown that it is in fact, a robotic mechanism hidden behind every illusion.

8. Lighting the Sails – Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House’s iconic shell roof is brought to life in this work by Urban Screen. The roofs appear as fabric ship sails, undulating in the wind. The distinctive chevron tiles pulse, fold, and rupture to reveal the rich interiors.

9.  Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines revealed a new look with a stunning visual display. With 35,000 lumen projectors, state-of-the-art mapping software and concert quality audio, the Southwest Airlines hangars were brought to life. Thousands of attendees were able to witness the world’s first immersive 3D/4D projection experience in the interior of an airplane hangar.

10. MTV Music Awards 

For the MTV European Music Awards, musical artist Labrinth was projected onto the Glasgow City Chambers to promote his new song ‘Let It Be.’

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