Purple is the new black! Ultra Violet to be exact. Or it is according to PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet – the PANTONE® Color of the Year 2018. A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.

How can you incorporate the 2018 Color Of The Year into your event? Keep reading.

1. Lighting

We can think of no quicker way to add atmosphere to an event than by adding simple lighting. Create mood and ambience with muted purple lighting, offset by a key decorative piece, such as this magnificent hanging chandelier.

Credit: Amber Event Production

2. Hanging Décor

What better way to make a statement than by deploying a gathering of these purple lanterns to greet your guests as they enter a room? Great as a backdrop for photos, create mood and atmosphere with fun purple lighting.

Credit: Still Life Event Design

3. Dancefloor Lanterns

An awning can make the dancefloor feel more intimate, but this colorful display is something new! Combining different purple shades to look similar to floating clouds and creating their own atmospheric lighting that is stunning when it gets darker, this colorful canopy is a fun one to implement.

Credit: Standard Party Rentals

4. Feathered Centrepieces

An array of plush, ultraviolet feathers is complemented further by the gold hues in the table decor. The water in the glasses has been tinted purple in keeping with this rich pantone purple.

Credit: YOU Events, Burlington, New Jersey

5. Digital Screens or Backgrounds

Creating digital projections like this can utilize large blank spaces and showcase elements to wide audiences with minimal set-up. You can also use these projections to set the background color so that it makes presentations more interesting.

Credit: EventLab LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

6. Engaging Entrances

Create a bold and inviting entrance that welcomes guests to the event. Brightly hued entrances are also a great opportunity for impromptu photo shoots.

Credit: EventLab LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

7. LED Lights

Light up the night with creative LED displays! Warm and bright or dim and cozy, create the right level of atmosphere with strategic LED displays. We love this LED-lit walkway and the transformation of this building with ultra-violet lighting.

Credit: RS Entertainment

Credit: koolphotos.kl

8. Place Cards

A simple, elegant touch to round out the purple theme is to place individually created name cards on the table for each guest. An increasing trend is using calligraphy drawn gemstones or glass pieces to use as place cards that are an excellent feature talking point and a little memento for guests to take home too. These purple-toned agate slices are so eye-catching and an incredibly fun way to incorporate colour into your event.

Credit: The Modern Party Wedding + Event Styling

9. Flowers

Think outside the box for this one. Of course, traditional carnations or tulips will always be a hit, but we’re thinking lavish table runners, stairway décor or lavish table centerpieces. Purple is the perfect color to go all out with!

Credit: Yes! Events, Cape Town

Credit: SO Events

10. Entertainment

Consider an upscaled entertainment alternative with domed entertainment. This globe can be moved and rebuilt, making it adaptable for your venue, while attendees can interact with the characters inside. It’s an excellent photo opportunity and in this example, attendees can press a button to make it snow inside.

Credit: The Show Globe

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