We’ve all seen the pretty event floral displays off to the side of the venue. But, do they really make an impact and stand out?

It’s time to step away from the traditional concept of flowers and start introducing plants and floral décor as ways to enhance the event experience. From accentuating and adapting venues to providing their own sponsorship and branding opportunities, floral displays have a lot to offer for event planners to tap into.

Here are some of the best floral displays that make the most impact by having different purposes or possibilities tied to them so you know they are really worth it.

It’s time to really appreciate the power of flowers in your events.

1. Inverted Geometric Pieces

If you’re lacking space on your table, don’t compromise on the florals. Create an aerial design that hangs just above the table so that it is still immersive but tucked out of the way.

2. Décor Features

Turn your floral displays into décor features for the room with interesting combinations like this floral bike. It’s an easy way to showcase a bouquet and for those looking for DIY event ideas, this could be an adaptive idea that you can get stuck into!

3. Tall Centerpieces

Of course, centerpieces have to go on the list, after all, it’s an excellent display piece and if it works, it works. Big centerpieces make a huge impact and incorporating the florals ticks all the boxes.

4. Go Monochrome

Keep your next event simple and chic by incorporating a monochromatic color scheme. This type of event theme gives off a strong sense of simplicity. The use of one color helps create a harmonic atmosphere, contrast against other elements in the room, and can make a memorable impression on guests. This decor style is also on the modern side and will give off minimalistic and chic vibes.


5. Rustic Entrances

For outdoor events, incorporate natural décor elements like this stunning entrance that trails along the tent creating a transformation and showing this tent means business.

6. Rainforest Vibes

Use plants and florals to change the mood or vibe of your entire venue if positioned strategically. This rainforest themed venue uses plants around the edges creating an intimate atmosphere and making it more immersive. Plus, matching centerpieces add a splash of color and tie it all together nicely.

7. Cultural Influence

Vibrant and full of color, these traditional elephant cetrepieces use multi-levels to make an impact. By just using the flowers themselves and removing the stalks, it creates a carpeting effect which you could scale up and use on the tables as runners or to decorate other parts of your venue.

Cultural centrepiece

8. Trending Succulents

Succulents are trending in popular culture, not just events, and people are going mad because they are interesting, sustainable and relatively easy to look after. For events they can be a diverse option for plants and floral displays that allows you to tick the green event box.


9. Exhibition Layout

This is an excellent example of how you can use floral displays to make carnivorous spaces feel more intimate which can sometimes be the case with large exhibition venues. This simple and effective display not only adds a focal point but helps to separate the venue so that different rooms and displays don’t merge into one.

Exhibition layout

10. Arches

Whilst this display arch has been used at a wedding for the altar, this would be an excellent event piece for entrances in place of the traditional balloon arch. It offers a diversity that means you can adapt any colors and flowers to suit and even have hanging or trailing options to create a curtain attendees have to pull back before they enter.

11. Venue Covers

If you’ve got the budget then you can go all out and cover your venue in florals, they certainly won’t be missed this way! This takes a floral wall to the next level and works in so many ways by creating a feature or talking point, adding depth and texture to walls for better décor or to integrate the venue into your own styling and schemes. It’s definitely one option for transformation on a grand scale.

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