The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event. From the main act to smaller elements and interactions, it is important to get it right. Whatever your event budget, here are 20 event entertainment ideas to inspire you.

1. Birdcage Entertainment

Birdcage entertainers are ideal corporate entertainment especially if you don’t have time or the room for a large-scale production. Whatever the entertainers do from inside the “birdcage” elevates (literally) your entertainment.

2. Laser Wizardry

LED and laser shows are the here and now of corporate entertainment. These corporate shows can even incorporate logos that interact with audiences.

3. Video Mapping Dance Crews

Video mapping dance groups are proving to be a big hit for corporate events. New technologies have allowed performers to take their dance and visual performances to the next level as humans and computers merge. These acts can incorporate specific music and graphics, as well as logos and corporate messages.

4. Magical Light and Music Combination

Musicians are great. This one’s ethereal. Sometimes it’s all in the lighting.

5. Cosplay

Cosplay is not just for kids on Halloween. You can hire cosplay entertainers and encourage your attendees to come in costume as well. (Don’t miss out on our cosplay competition at this year’s Insomnia Dubai).

6. Weird and Wonderful Creatures

A mythical octopus is something your attendees don’t see every day. You can be sure this creature would get lots of attention and shares on Instagram.

7. Band in Boxes

Showcase your band in a visual way so people pay attention and it’s not just background music.


8. VIP Shuttle

Encourage sustainable carpooling without compromising on comfort and style with options like this stunning VIP shuttle service. Perfect for event transitions with funky LED lights to keep the event vibes interesting throughout the journey, this allows event attendees to continue the fun and games on the move without separating the group into individual cars.

9. Floating Spheres

These gorgeous spheres can add elegance to a poolside cocktail party.

10. Truck Stop

From book deliveries to food, themed merchandise to slushies, anything you serve is more fun coming from a truck.

11. Coffee Artist

This act gives the term ‘instant art’ a whole new meaning! Your attendees will break the Internet by massively sharing these little, drinkable, personal works of art. The artist uses a portable coffee machine to capture the likeness of event attendees in their very own cup of delicious coffee. A definite draw for any event, coffee art really gives your guests something to talk about during and after the event.

12. Tarot Reading

For some, adding a mythical or magical booth such as palm, tarot or tea leaf reading can be more fun because of the “supernatural” element and things they can’t explain. In the same way, magicians and card tricksters are popular because people enjoy the things they can’t explain. Remember, the better the reader or performer, the more of an impact they will make.

13. Interactive Wait Staff

If you have large crowds but minimal space, particularly for staging, you can get on their level by having interactive wait staff. This could be in the form of singing or dancing staff as well as impersonators, rollerbladers or wearable tables all serving food and drinks while interacting with guests. Ideas like this get people talking and act as conversation starters as well as memorable ideas and experiences.

14. Personalised Gifting

It’s important to get gifts that attendees will remember and cherish, particularly for special or memorialized events and the perfect way to do this is with personalization. This could be an engraving of an employee’s name or nickname as well as something that suits their personality and represents them. They are much more likely to keep and look after it if it is meaningful.

15. Gourmet Chef

For smaller corporate events have seated service with a gourmet chef who is able to make a menu catered to your company as well as your guest’s preferences. Everyone wants their favorite food so give it to them with a gourmet twist!

16. Murals

Commission artwork or have a mural created in honor of your event. It could contain your branding and what makes your business special or stand out as well as key features that define you. It could also depict a significant time for your company e.g. an anniversary.

17. Signage Table Confetti

Make the finer details matter by adding customized table confetti in your tablescaping. Colored confetti that is the name of your brand or a quote is a personal touch that will go down a treat for seated meals.

18. Temporary Rebranding

In commemoration of the event, change your branding colors or create a special logo that will be used for the year of your anniversary. This can highlight progress and spark interest in customers and employees who would welcome a way to spice things up.

19. Custom Seating

Use seating to make attendees comfortable and give them a unique experience. This could be playful swings, seats with charging ports or massage chairs for relaxation, anything that shows you care!

20. Paper Invites

It might seem small but in the digital age with everyone receiving e-vites and an emphasis on technology, fancy paper invites with a wax seal on thick paper with calligraphy can show you mean business.

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