As a leading event management company in the Middle-East, Global Event Management Group is home to some of the best events professionals and the most innovative events ideas.

As trendsetters, we always bring new ideas to the table. From glow gardens creating an immersive sensory experience to illuminated drones leaving audiences spellbound, we like adding a wow factor to events by doing something unique and trendy.

This year we popularised a number of trends in the events industry in the Middle East. Some of them were quirky and engaging whilst others also involved creative use of technology, all with a view to elevate the event experience.

Here’s a look at some of our most-popular events trends of 2016:


The Drone Show

Fireworks are not exactly passé, but why pollute the night sky with smoke when you can fly these illuminated LED drones in wonderful formations and mesmerise your audience. This innovative use of technology and skill adds a degree of wow to your event and could help you get key messages across to your audience. It’s new, it’s trendy and it’s newsworthy – a great recipe for brand promotion. View Article.


Creative 3D Projection Mapping

3D Mapping is not a new trend, but its modern evolution, with advanced laser and LED technology along with highly creative concepts is making 3D projection mapping a powerful art form which audiences thoroughly enjoy. Whether it’s a brand reveal, a corporate presentation or just a public attraction, 3D projection mapping’s new avatar is a great choice. View Article.


The Casino Royale Theme

A Casino Royale themed event is the ultimate in glamour and excitement and a perfect way to entertain your guests. Treating the audience to an exciting night of games, shaken and not stirred beverages and chocolate tasting rooms, the casino royale party adds a high degree of charm to liven up any corporate event. View Article.


The Social Media Vending Machine

Social Media Vending machines are a great way to boost engagement at events and the resulting user-generated content perfectly feeds into your brand’s social media channels. It’s a win-win situation on both fronts, and marketers just love it. View Article.


The Glow Garden

The Glow Garden is so much more than just a garden that glows in the dark; it’s an enchanted world full of surprises, lights, colours, flowers, and a range of attractions including talking trees and animals, dinosaurs, performers, artists, music and lasers. In short, a whole lot of fun! View Article.

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