As the first point of contact with many of your attendees, invitations are important to making the right impact and setting the tone of your event. They relay important information and are an extension of the event itself, often giving away the theme and the standard of organisation that has gone into it. Here are 25 stunning examples of amazing event invitations that embody their event and give the right first impression to the guests.

1. Travel Card Trains

Turn your invitations into travel tickets like this example who turns these save the dates into London travelcards, which are small but effective.

Train ticket invite
Sail boat invite

2. Boat Invitations

This corporate event was planned for a boat, so it made sense to have a boat theme. They went all out with these, creating invitations in the shape of sails.

3. Queen Of Hearts

These invitations are sweet and unique for this Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. Turning the invites into playing cards is in keeping with the event theme without being over the top!

The birthday invitation can also be made in the form of playing cards. You can actually play the cards, all the necessary information about the event is placed on the box.

Mini polaroid save the dates

4. Mini Polaroid Save The Dates

This adorable tiny save the dates are designed to look like old school Polaroid photos, giving a bit of nostalgia to the event. And they have magnets on the back, so friends and family can put them on their refrigerator.

5. Shaped Floral Edges

Step away from the traditional and use bespoke and unique edging on your invitations so that they demand attention. This idea looks like it has been stamped from a beautiful floral scene to reveal the details on the other side.

Shaped floral edges invite
Clear lucite invitations

6. Clear Bridal Shower Invitations

These stunning shower invitations are unique, sophisticated and impossibly stylish thanks mostly to the material on which they are printed… acrylic! The lovely script combined with a subtle serif font helps too.

7. Laser Cut Save The Dates

This laser cut save the date is incredibly unique, with a bold design and very intricate cuts. And the font choice looks great with the fun geometric pattern.

Laser cut invitations
Word search save the dates

8. Word Search Invitations

These word search invitations are so much fun. They give your guests something fun to do right away (setting the tone for the event!) and share a message as well.

9. Felt Pocket Invitations

This couple chose to create a gray felt pocket to insert their save the dates into, with a small tag that that includes their wedding logo. And the combination of black ink on kraft paper adds to the unique effect.

Felt pocket invitation
Tying the knot rustic save the dates

10. Tying The Knot Save The Date

This clever save the date has a piece of jute twine on the inside with a loose knot already tied, so that when the recipient receives it, the knot will tie tighter as they open it. Genius!

11. Drinkable Tea Invitation

This genius invitation is for a tea party-themed bridal shower, so the designer created an invite out of translucent paper filled with actual tea leaves.

Tea bag drinkable invite
Balloon invitation

12. Balloon Invitation

The only way to get information by inflating the balloon. And you’re provided with a pin just in case you want to pop it right after.

13. Scratch-Off Invitation Card

I think everyone loves scratch cards. It gives a certain kind of pleasure, similar to popping bubble wrap. Your friends and family will certainly find joy in finding out the details of your event! These lottery-style invitations ask the recipient to scratch off to find out where the wedding will be. So fun!

Scratch off invitation
3D invitations

14. 3D Invitations

Like the balloon and the scratch cards, you really have to make some effort to learn about the event. You’ll put your secret message in your card and your guests can only read it using 3D glasses (which you’ll provide, of course).

15. Viewmaster Invite

It’s surprisingly affordable to get a custom Viewmaster made for your wedding invite. This couple featured photos from a road trip.

Viewfinder invitation
Teepee invite

16. Teepee Invite

Give your guests something to do, like put together a teepee in order to read the deets of your wedding.

17. Key With Engraved Plate

If you want something classy, then have your invitation engraved in a gold plate.

Engraved key invite
Cutting board invite

18. Cutting Board Invite

Here’s one for the foodie couple and those who like an invite that doubles as a useful gift.

19. Handkerchief Map Invitation

These handkerchief maps, dubbed “handkermaps,” were created especially for this event, and feature directions as well as fun sites en route to the wedding.

Handkerchief map invite
Rolling pin birthday invitation

20. Rolling Pin Invites

For a seventh birthday party, the plan was to frost mini cakes as an activity… so they created rolling pin invitations to set the tone for the event. And the pink color scheme on the rolling pin handles carried through to the event as well.

21. Newspaper Invitation

This is adorable?! This faux newspaper has all the necessary information about the wedding in the form of “articles,” and is tied up with a piece of jute twine.

Newspaper wedding invitation
Fortune teller invite

22. Fortune Teller Invites

This fantastic concept creates an interactive invitation out of a fun, childhood game and is made classy by the color scheme and font.

23. Wooden Invitations

Try something different and change the invitation material, like these interesting custom wooden invites. These would be great for an outdoor themed event and would be a lasting momento.

Wooden wedding invitation

2 Brands Who Won At Event Invites

Champagne event invite

24. Launch of the Magnum Pink and Black in Singapore

A temporary pop up store was set up in the middle of Clarke Quay to promote the brand’s two new flavours as well as showcase the pop-up store. A media kit was sent out to selected local media, with items that matched the event theme: pink and black.

25. NIKE We Run London Invite

An invite for the Nike We Run London race that’s made using laser cut design for London landmarks that appear as you open it, and applied golden foil for the text and highlighting architecture details.

Nike Run event invite
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