Events are a great way to showcase your brand and engage with your industry, as well as with existing and potential customers. Corporate events like exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, media presentations, gala dinners and brand / store / office launches are some of the most valuable sales and marketing tools at your disposal.

You would think this is common knowledge but you’ll be surprised to know how many organisations miss out on sales opportunities at such events.

Event marketing is definitely one of the most powerful outreach techniques businesses can use today to drive enquiries and leads, eventually powering up sales. There are a number of event marketing tactics, but here are the 4 important ones that you should consider.


Create an event within an event

As any experienced event planner will tell you, the best results come when the event is created for the larger audience but its various components are adopted to create a personalised experience for every attendee, thus creating an event within an event. Example: making a creative presentation about your brand at a media event will be aimed at the larger audience but holding a Q&A session along with having representatives discuss your brand personally with individual attendees will personalise the event experience for them and encourage enquiries.


Create a focal point for your event

Amidst the guest welcoming and the food and drinks, you would ideally want your event to be remembered for the important reasons i.e. your brand and your products / services. Creating a main highlight or a focal point at your corporate event – for example: a reveal, a VIP guest ribbon cutting, a special endorsement by a celebrity, a speech or keynote from a top company executive, or perhaps a ceremony – will make the event even more newsworthy.


Give event giveaways a careful thought

Experienced event marketers never underestimate the importance of event giveaways. A well thought-out giveaway, either pre event marketing collateral, in-event information or post event takeaway mementos will always generate a positive vibe and can keep your brand fresh in the minds of event attendees, thus increasing brand recall. Example: At an antenatal event, a Lamaze practitioner handed out good-quality branded diaper bags to attendees, who after childbirth carried the bags everywhere, functioning as active brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth promoters for the brand.


Make social media and event technology your best ally

Nowadays event marketing is highly influenced by the evolving nature of event tech and social media. With the proliferation of smartphones, fast mobile Internet, social networks and wireless communications, event attendees feel encouraged to share their experience and take a piece of the event home with them in the form of photos and videos. That’s where event marketers come in; leveraging technology and social media to transform event attendees into brand ambassadors is the new mantra. By providing options like wireless registrations through NFC and RFID devices and capturing data in the process, using features like Facebook check-ins, creating Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photo contests, creating hashtags and live twitter feeds from the event, encouraging event networking through mobile apps, marketers are winning at creating opportunities for sales.

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