Lighting is often overlooked when planning an event, yet it is one of the most important elements to consider. It is the strongest medium available to transform a room or an event space into an exciting, elegant environment.

Lighting has a huge impact on your guests’ event experience. Bright lighting when overdone can make your event seem cold and stark. Too dim or dark, and guests may miss the finer details in the décor that you spent time putting together. Placement of the lights also determines the ambience of the event space to a huge extent. Properly done lighting can highlight and add greater detail to items such as floral arrangements and other decor.

Four lighting effects to enhance your event:-

Light Show

A fully produced light show

A light show is a spectacular feature that will seize your guests’ attention. A fully designed and produced light show uses moving and flashing lights that are engineered prior to the event by a lighting engineer who will also run the show during the event. Lighting shows are often used at corporate events before an awards ceremony or speeches to grab the attention of the crowd and build excitement for the main event.



A very simple effect that can transform a bland room or event space. Using LED uplighters not only creates an atmosphere at your event but also allows you to connect the event space to the corporate colours of the clients’ brand.



Gobos are a great way to add an element of design and depth to your event. Gobos can project any design or pattern onto ceilings, floors, and walls, and are a great way to add visual interest.

While gobos are great for transforming your event by giving it a dynamic atmosphere and feel, they can be used to promote your brand. Seeing your brands logo in bright crisp lighting will create a visual impact that surely will not go unnoticed.

Room Wash

Room wash

Washing the room with colour, like uplighting, can transform an event. Often produced as part of the light show a subtle room wash can change the entire look and feel of the event space at the touch of a button. Room washes and uplighting work in conjunction with each other and prior to the event the lighting engineer will pre-programme a number of scenes which can be changed instantly depending on what is happening during the event programme.

Sometimes it difficult to filter out those presumptions that lighting is a luxury rather than a necessity and in reality should actually be the complete opposite. If your event needs to make a bold statement, create an exciting or magical atmosphere, highlight a beautiful building or showcase a launch product, creative event lighting really does bring your event to life.

Matt Cashmore – Operations Manager at Global Event Management who has been organising events in Europe and the Middle East for over 20 years.

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