Events are a great way to create excitement about your brand, attract potential and existing customers and initiate a conversation. Creating an event that people would want to attend however requires careful consideration and comprehensive planning. If you want to make a start at putting an event together that highlights your products / services to your target audience, here are 5 essential ideas to consider:



Interactive / Experiential Events

Top brands nowadays are keen on allowing their customers and prospects experience and interact with their offerings. Exhibitions, mall promotions and trade shows are excellent ways to let your target audience experience your product / service. Such events are a hit with most product-based businesses like gaming companies, electronics manufacturers and automobile companies among others. Experiential campaigns are also a huge hit with the younger generation, especially due to their viral appeal on social media.




Learning / Educative Events

A ‘how-to’ event where the focus is on teaching attendees your new or updated product / service will always generate interest and draw a participation. In addition to showcasing your offerings, learning events provide your target audience the essential information they require to make the best use of your products / services. Software companies especially love to conduct such events.




Charitable / Fundraising Events

Events conducted for a good cause generate good feelings and positive vibes about your brand. You can do fundraising for charities at any time of the year, just make sure you connect your theme and cause to something that is relevant to your audience and something they care about. Charity raffles and marathon runs are a great way to raise money and awareness about worthy causes, and such events will always draw a good participation if marketed well.




Just-for-fun Events

Not all events have to be about your business and products; in fact, fun events targeting families and kids are a great way to create a friendly, warm and welcoming image for your brand. Family fun days, picnics and children’s events will get your brand talked about, and your customers and prospects will love the fun side of your business.




VIP / Celebrity Events

Events centred on VIPs, special guests and celebrities are like magnets if you want to attract an audience. Creating a members-only event, a celebrity meet-up for your customers and prospects will get your brand instant attention. Brand launches featuring VIPs and celebrities are known to generate a bigger audience that those without them.

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