If you are an Event Planner, you must already be familiar with the requirements for the role – careful planning and organisational skills, meticulous attention to detail and truckloads of patience. However, when you are required to take things a notch up, some of these proven ways of successful event planners might come in handy.

Daily and Hourly Checklists

When you are done with answering the morning emails and sipping on your favourite cuppa, planning your day ahead by making checklists of ‘things to do’ is a proven way to ensure you accomplish your tasks on time. Event managers who multitask and juggle their ultra-busy schedule keep alarms to remind them of the important objectives for the day.

Turning off Distractions

Once you’ve planned the day, avoiding distractions like social media, television and online videos, sometimes even the emails will ensure you follow through with the plans. Obviously, completely unplugging may not be an option but if you have prioritised a task ahead of emails and calls, try your best to accomplish it first before moving on.

Bite-sizing Tasks

When working on big projects, some of the tasks might seem overwhelming and tough to plan. The best way to get round this is by breaking the tasks into time-bound smaller objectives for every day / session.

Multitasking Selectively

Event Managers are by nature of their job required to multitask but sometimes when you have broken down your tasks into a to-do list, it’s better to focus on one thing at a time rather than juggling. Jumping from one task to another can be wasteful and lead to a lack of concentration.

Finding the Sweet Spot of the Day

Some of us like to get up and start our day before the sun comes up while some of us night owls like to burn the midnight oil. When it comes to planning events and preparing briefs, charts and reports, it is important to find ‘your time of the day’, when you are at your most productive. If you are not sure about your sweet spot, try shifting tasks around to different times of the day and see what time suits your work-schedule and lifestyle.

Try utilising the tips mentioned above and see if they add value to your events-work and help you organise and plan better.

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