Your exhibition stand is your shop window, inviting people to come to your stand. How can you set yourself apart from others at an exhibition? An effective and simple way is to use all the space you’ve been allotted and build upwards. Creating a multi-level booth ensures you are standing out from your competitors in a space that can get pretty full…pretty quickly. Read on to find out some useful ways you can stand out from the crowd – and ensure people are heading your way and away from your competitors.

1. LED Chandeliers or Columns

Lighting effects such as an LED chandelier can be more noticeable, particularly if they change color. This booth makes use of a variety of multi-level ideas by having a seating area, double height backdrop and ceiling décor, all of which are branded with the company logo, colors and message.

2. Upstairs Seating

This is a concept of a booth design that will definitely make an impact with its product viewing area, front desk for answering questions and discussions as well as the meeting point above for full corporate usage. This booth also has digital screens, brochure holders, signage and information so that no part of the stand is not being used and with plenty of branding opportunities it is guaranteed to be unmissable.

3. Spotlight

If you’re looking for some wow factor, then incorporating lighting into your stand design could be the way to go. This giant spotlight on a key product piece is extremely effective in drawing attention to passing visitors. Not only is it dramatic in its effect, the lighting given off by the spotlight can change colours accordingly and contribute to creating a desired mood.

4. Billboards

If you’re looking for something more traditional, giant billboards are the way to go because they can be simple but effective. The use of bright colours, both in lighting and billboard design, further contributes to the effective use of capturing the audience’s attention. We love the large space allocated to the client logo in the above image. This is the ultimate way to maximise impact through height and colour.

5. Treehouse

The more interesting you make your exhibition stand, the longer you are going to retain attendees. Not only because it takes them longer to physically walk through it but because there are more opportunities for immersive engagement to make an impression. This exhibition stand allows attendees to venture upstairs to different rooms and lounges where the exhibitor is showcasing their products in action which not only creates a unique way of making their experience memorable but also allows attendees to resonate with the display and consider the products for their everyday lives.

6. The use of different texture through lighting

For bold statements and big budgets, then high custom builds can be an excellent integration for your stand design. A high overhanging roof looks professional and extends the branding and colors to create more of an enclosed space for an immersive attendee experience.

7. Building your stand in the shape of your product

If we think along the lines of well-known brands, we can visualise the Adidas stand in the shape of a shoe box, the Pringles “can” stand, or a brand “wine bottle” stand. Attendees can climb up on top or go into the decks to look at models of the upcoming project more closely.

Different levels make your exhibition stands more diverse and allow attendees to be drawn in, whether it’s something simple like décor or giant custom builds, multi-level booths give guests more to look at and are often more inviting. Just remember to consider the logistics when coming up with a design or concept so that you don’t accidentally isolate attendees or cause a health and safety issues.

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