Nature is in the grip of the worst climate crisis ever seen. Whether it’s the threat from rising sea levels or the constant heating of the Earth’s atmosphere, mankind is placing a huge burden on the environment.

In order to curb the negative effects of climate change, environmental sustainability should become the main focus in everything we do.

GEM Group is making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, promote recycling and go green with every event we do. We are increasingly encouraging our clients to invest in eco-friendly events because their guests / attendees are most likely to care about the environment and will appreciate every step taken in this direction. Here are 7 ways we have made our events greener this year:




1.  Natural themes

Our clients have appreciated the idea of using ‘nature’ as a theme for their events. Not only is it a refreshing change from the ‘usual’, but it also represents your brand as socially and environmentally responsible. Wouldn’t you love to attend a rainforest themed gala dinner?


2.  Organic food

There is a huge demand for organic food among the environmentally-conscious people. It’s amazing how many event attendees and guests have shown a great response towards organic food at some of our events.




3.  No plastic and paper

Plastic and paper production take a heavy toll on the environment. Our nature-friendly events avoid these and utilise natural products like jute, linen and wood instead, not only making a bold statement, but also making it classy.


4.  Recycled materials only

You cannot avoid the requirement for paper napkins or anything else that could have a disposable option, but using recycled materials will serve the purpose and save the environment. When it comes to event décor, we offer some creative hand-made options that are not only nature-friendly but also classy as anything!




 5.  Paperless marketing and digital registrations

Move away from the pen and paper and rely on technology and digital solutions for event marketing and guest registration. We offer the latest event technology and apps to do away with cumbersome processes that usually require wastage of paper for registrations, hand-outs, conference packs, flyers etc.




 6.  Eco-friendly corporate gifts

As party favours, thank-you gifts and corporate gifts, our green events encourage clients to give small potted plants, tree saplings, or other gifts made from recycled materials. This conveys a strong message and raises awareness about reducing the impact on the environment.


7.  Highlight environmental issues

Our nature-friendly corporate events are an excellent platform to raise awareness about environmental issues among your staff and team members. The theming encourages a discussion about nature, and if you’ve been planning an eco-friendly CSR campaign in your company, you now have the right setting to unveil it.




For more on eco-friendly events in the UAE and how you can organise your own green event, contact Global Event Management Group on 04 454 1387 or email

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