Social media marketing is essential to every type of event, whether it is a corporate conference or a family festival. As a leading events management company in Dubai and years of experience behind us, we can tell you that the use of social media has a powerful impact on the outcome of your event.


The right social media campaign, strategy, and content can drive engagement, promote and maximize the reach of your event.


Here are a few creative tips on implementing the use of social media for your next event:

  • Create your Social Media Strategy: To have an effective result from your social media, the first thing to plan a suitable social media strategy in place. Your strategy would include; your target audience, the best social platform to use, type of content, main target etc.


  • Create a unique #Hashtag: One of the most important elements in your strategy is creating a unique and memorable hashtag to use to promote before, during and after your event. The key aspect is to encourage the use of your hashtag for attendees to share on their social platforms.


  • Test & Try different content: To reach the right target audience and broaden your reach to potential attendees, testing and trying different content will help boost the result. Curating engaging content by creating conversations, research on what your target audience is looking for, build on competitor’s weakness and more.


  • Collaborate with Social Media Influencers – To broaden your reach and meet your target, working with social media influencers would help drive awareness for your event and engage with new potential attendees.


  • Social Media Ads – Invest in paid media to strengthen your social media campaign and directly target the audience you want to reach. Social media advertising helps with targeting people based on interest, behavior, demographics, connections and more.


  • Build Content Calendar: Prior to the event, create a schedule calendar with relevant content to prior to your event. Utilize the content calendar to schedule content and teasers about the event. This helps you keep the consistency of your posts during and before the event.


  • Stream Event Live – Streaming your event live is a keystone to giving a teaser for your next event. Use a suitable social media platform that would enable you to stream live, either part of the event, behind the scenes or during the event. This is also valuable to attendees that are not able to make the event.


  • Post-event – Distribute press release on the event and gather reviews, blogs, videos, photo and social media content to share on your social media platforms. This will keep the conversation going after the event and help with creating a buzz for your next campaign or event.


At GEM, we advocate the right use of social media marketing to our clients and for our events all the time. There are a number of other tricks, tactics and best practices we follow for social media marketing for events and we’d love to share more with you. Get in touch with us at for more!








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