Interesting aerial decor isn’t the only unconventional way to draw guest’s attention at an event. Dance floors, red carpets, staircases, and other types of floors can be a powerful – and often neglected – place to reinforce an event’s theme, decor, and message. Here are 8 clever ideas for functional, interactive, or simply striking floor decor.

1. Decorate a dance floor

The dance floor is an obvious place to make an impact. When it comes to dance floors, the possibilities are virtually endless. A pattern from a silk scarf, a famous painting, your monogram, a designer logo, mercury glass, LED illumination…anything can inspire a custom design. And why shouldn’t the dance floor be an extension of your event theme/vibe? It takes up a good part of the room and many of the evening festivities will revolve around it.

For a private event, designer Preston Bailey created a unique dance floor that served as the evening’s focal point. Hundreds of flowers were covered in Plexiglas, creating a massive floral carpet. “The result was a statement piece that allowed guests to dance on air,” said Bailey.

A similar idea was created for a Ferragamo fragrance launch in 2010 in New York. A 22- by 24-foot dance floor was erected over the venue’s existing pool. Drained of water, the recessed space held a neon Attimo sign surrounded by dried flowers.

2. Find a branding opportunity

The floor can also be an unexpected place for logos, sponsor information, or branding.

Toronto-based artist Sonny Tran creates eye-catching 3D chalk art images, graffiti installations, massive murals, and realistic paintings for major brands. For YTV, a popular teen channel in Canada, Tran customized a snowboarding graphic to promote a new TV show.

3. Make it functional

Floor decor can serve a bigger purpose.

The Revel Group in Chicago hosted “Revel Provocateur,” a dinner for the area’s top event planners, in 2015. The evening’s menu was illuminated on the floor.

4. Go high-tech

Dance floor lighting gets a bad rap, but an all-white illuminated floor is elegant and modern!

The Phantom of the Opera held its 25th-anniversary show and gala in 2013. To avoid the complications that come with laying carpet over stairs—especially on a snowy night in New York—the event’s producers projected a strip of red light over the library’s front steps, effectively creating a virtual red carpet that led to the entrance. Hundreds of LED candles sat on either side of the illuminated pathway.

5. Tie in the overall decor

Expanding wall and ceiling decor down to the floor can also have a big impact.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2016 Costume Institute benefit, a 65-foot double helix—made of roses and lace—rose to the top of the ceiling, anchored in place at a rigged point. The pattern extended to the carpet, a patterned and hand-painted sisal featuring a red-and-pink double helix. It took six months to stencil the carpet.

A vibrant Sangeet dance floor design is necessary for any Sangeet or colourful affair.

6. Keep it simple

Sometimes all you need is some masking tape. During Austin’s 2014 South by Southwest, event production agency MKG brightened up a dark room using neon masking tape and ultraviolet lighting, creating an edgy, Pop Art-inspired look for the party for online magazine

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay found a low-budget and on-theme way to display their 2015 fund-raiser’s hashtag: It was spelled out in glowing neon tape on the floor.

7. Or make a big statement

While a cranberry bog isn’t a floor in the traditional sense, it still made quite a statement at Ocean Spray’s 85th anniversary in New York. Food editors and bloggers were invited to a Thanksgiving meal that took place inside a bog filled with 900,000 cranberries and 21,000 gallons of water.

8. Portable floor

Are you hosting a cocktail, wedding or engagement party outdoors, but the venue doesn’t seem to have that perfect performance surface you wish it did? You needn’t fret! These cool outdoor dance floor ideas can change the face of your venue completely. Choose from tiled marble or wooden flooring and custom design them to suit your overall décor. These portable surfaces can be pattern painted to add a striking element of elegance.

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