Do you want to get more out of your next B2B exhibition and get your brand noticed ahead of the competition? If yes, this article might be for you.


B2B exhibitions may seem like dull affairs where everyone is out to sell but no one really is looking to buy, but that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to make a great impression and you can’t achieve the desired results. These quick tips will help you make your exhibition stand a conversation magnet and bring in those enquiries.




Exhibition stand design

Let’s start with the basics. Your exhibition stand, pavilion or stall has a huge impact on how visitors see your business and whether or not they stop to chat with you. An exhibition or trade fair will have hundreds, if not thousands, of exhibitors; it is essential that your exhibition stand be designed to actually stand out from the crowd. A creative, open and inviting stand that has all your branding, marketing material, products / services information easily accessible at eye level is a good starting point, but there is more you can do here. Exhibition stand design is a deft art and consulting an expert will stand you in good stead.




Exhibition staff

In addition to your key sales personnel and managers, your exhibition stand will require courteous hosts, hostesses or promoters whose role will involve handing out marketing material, engaging the visitors in conversation and answering queries. It is important to pick event staff who are experienced in events and exhibitions and can represent your brand well. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.





Freebies have become an essential part of exhibitions and nowadays exhibitors are getting creative with what they offer at their stalls. From USB sticks to pens, from espresso shots to candy buffets, your exhibition stand must offer added value to visitors who stop by to chat with you. Creative, relevant and company-branded freebies will help you achieve the best results.




B2C Focus

Even if you are in a B2B exhibition, you are in reality selling to another individual, so it is important to make the visitor buy into your company and products / services on a personal level. Rather than using a push strategy and reading out from a scripted sales pitch, try to understand the visitor’s requirements first before offering a solution. If you solve a need through your solution, rather than just highlight the features and benefits of your products / services, you are more likely to get a sale.




Avoid the bumf

Stacks of flyers, handouts and printed marketing material for exhibitions are a passé. If you notice, most of the printed material handed out at the exhibitions quickly finds its way to the waste bins around the venue. What’s the point in investing in something that doesn’t deliver the desired results and pollutes the environment? Instead, going digital with apps, smartphone QR codes, touchscreen information portals, digital books, USBs, etc. will save you time and money as well as avoid all that paper wastage.


For more on how to make your next exhibition or trade fair in Dubai, UAE or anywhere in Middle East and Europe a success, and for bespoke solutions including exhibition stand design, event staff, event décor and event marketing, contact Global Event Management at or call +971 4 454 1387.

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