Chinese New Year marks the tradition of a new spring season and inspires large celebrations worldwide.
A celebration of new beginnings and hope for the year to come, Chinese New Year is celebrated annually on the first day of the lunar new year,
which can fall on a different date each year. These joyous festivities last 15 days, culminating in the Festival of the Lanterns.
Each year in the Chinese calendar is associated with one of the twelve zodiacs.

Chinese New Year celebrations are also popular with non-Chinese communities in the West, making a fantastic opportunity
to host another show-stopping event. With this in mind, be sure to celebrate in style, incorporating bright colours,
vibrant entertainment, authentic food, glowing lanterns and decorative props.

From illuminated hanging decor to traditional Chinese entertainment, we’ve put together some ideas for channeling the Far East.


Red and gold are both colors with significant symbolism within Chinese culture. Red typically signifies good luck and energy,
while gold is associated with both wealth and happiness. Use this palette in your decorations or dress in these colors for a joyful celebration.

Red paper lanterns are used in many Chinese celebrations including during the New Year festival.
The hanging lights are meant to resemble a full moon in the sky.

Firecrackers are traditionally wrapped in red paper and then ignited so that their loud explosions will scare away any evil spirits that may be lurking.

A large meal shared family-style is the most common practice for Chinese New Year celebrations. A staple of this sumptuous feast must be noodles since their length is a sign of longevity.

Fish is another lucky food and it is customary to serve a whole fish. By including the head and the tail, the coming year is guaranteed to contain
“happy beginnings and endings,” and since there will be leftovers, the dish is a symbol of prosperity.

Mandarin oranges are also very popular during Chinese New Year. The little golden tangerines are exchanged between families because their name is a homophone for “luck” in the Teochew dialect.

A lion dance performed with the loud beats of a drum is a symbolic ritual used to usher in the new year. Two or three performers usually don a
special costume and mimic a lion’s movements to ward off sorrow and fight back ill-fortune. A dragon dance may also occur when a team of
people carry a large dragon on poles and travel in curving patterns around the room.

Red envelopes containing money are passed out to close family members for luck, usually from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors
and children. Sometimes chocolate coins may also be found inside.


Celebrate traditional Chinese culture with our amazing Chinese performances!

Chinese culture is filled with traditions, legends and stories, owning one of the world’s most rich and fascinating histories.

Any number of circus performers, acrobats, lion and dragon dancers, plate spinners, martial arts and kung fu masters, traditional calligraphers, tea pourers, face change artists acts and oriental Chinese dance shows can combine to create an eclectic and exciting show or performance – the options are endless!

Let GEM bring an authentic taste of China to your event!


Incorporate red and gold, emblematic of Chinese culture.
Decor is the perfect place to start when planning your event so ensure your exclusive celebration is one to remember
with a thematic display of eye-popping colour, paper lanterns and firecrackers.

Festival of Lights

GEM will bring you the wonderful mini world surrounded by many kinds of traditional Chinese themed statues, God of wealth, and different zodiac animals. With shiny curated LED decoration, moving characters
and music we make sure your guests experience an amazing visual experience.

GEM will create your Festival of Lights Street Parade with colourful and amazing Chinese themed street entertainment to attract people to visit and take part in this event.
The parade will have a combination of elements of a circus, walkabout performers, marching bands, masks and a street party!

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