These days, 70% of internet users are on social media and that number is continuously growing. While email marketing continues to be a valuable way to share information, it is essential that a company accommodate growing trends, i.e., social media, while corporate event planning. Social media is a great, inexpensive way to promote your corporate event in a relatable manner.

Here are some things to keep in mind when promoting your events via social media.

1. Use hashtags.

Hashtags can accomplish a number of things. Do a little research and find out which hashtags are relevant to the corporate event you’re planning. To get started, look into words relating to the general event market, phrases about the city in which the corporate event is being held, and industry-specific words. This is a great way to get people unrelated to the event to discover you. You should also make your own event hashtag, but be sure to keep it short and unique. Choose wisely and you can reuse it at future corporate events. It will allow guests a chance to look back at past events.

2. Incorporate photos.

According to WebDam, posts that include a photo yield a 650% higher engagement rate on social media.  In a time where our feeds are overcrowded, producing relevant and eye-catching content is the best way to get users to stop scrolling and check out what you have to say.

3. Be responsive.

It’s very important to be interactive on social media. Being responsive builds a sense of trust in your brand. You want people to feel like they can come to you with concerns, feedback, and questions concerning your corporate event or company in general.

4. Create an event page.

Building an event page on Facebook is a great way to gauge who is interested in coming to your corporate event. You can also use sites such as Linkedin and Eventbrite to create event pages, but Facebook still generates the most users and interest. Once the event page is created, look into doing some targeted ads. You can generate ads that are as specific as you’d like, zeroing in on particular cities, ages, and interests.

5. Post on multiple social media accounts.

Every social media platform is different and each attracts a unique audience. Promote across all social media accounts that your company utilizes to increase the ways your event can be shared.

6. Share at peak times. 

A quick search will provide you with information such as the best days and times to post, as well as how often you should post according to the platform. This information will be very valuable when it comes to sharing details about your corporate event on social media.

7. Make a highlight reel.

Share highlights from the year before to drum up excitement. Using photos, videos, and testimonials to show how successful previous corporate events were is the perfect way to get people interested in your upcoming event. When sharing photos from previous years, be sure to tag those who are in them. It’s a great way to get interactions.

8. Share content about your speakers and entertainment.

Use graphics to share information about special guests in unique ways. For example, create images with photos of your speakers that include their most relevant quotes or share promo videos of the corporate entertainment you hired for the event. You can do this while in the midst of corporate event planning to boost excitement.

9. Share sneak peeks of the corporate event planning process.

When you are having trouble thinking of content to share about your corporate event, try posting some behind the scenes footage. Showing snippets of the decor, giveaways, or even the menu can help to build anticipation for the event.

10. Have a website to back up your social media presence.

Social media is a great way for people to see the more personal side of a company or event. However, it is still very important to have a  clear, detailed website for people to learn more details about your corporate event. The site should be a one-stop shop to find out the who, what, when, and why.

The bottom line is more than 88% of organizations use social media for marketing in some way. So, if you’re not…you’re already behind! Social media is not only an asset, but it has become crucial to corporate event planning in the modern day. It would be silly not to take advantage of the free marketing and relationship building social media provides, no matter what your budget is.


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