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Your customers have evolved; you now face a tech and social media-savvy market where traditional approach to marketing, advertising and PR falls short. Your organisation needs to become a social enterprise by communicating the right messages and engaging on channels where your customers and prospects are. Social media has given the business world a new mantra – conversations lead to conversions.

So just how do you find the right audience and communicate through the right channels, at the right time?

Trust GEM’s industry-leading approach, combined with the latest technological solutions, which have been at the centre of many successful digital marketing, social media and PR campaigns in the region.

Our event marketing solutions have brought some great results for our clients and created beautiful stories of social media and digital success, including the immensely popular Dubai Airport Flash Mob video and E-Consultancy’s Digital Cream Dubai.

We provide a full range of digital services including website design and development, content strategy, social media management, online advertising, copywriting, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing and reputation management.

Our 4-step approach


We love to put our lab coats on and gather data, research and analyse before finalising the path our projects will travel. This where we form objectives and expectations before preparing strategies.


We break down the digital marketing strategy into its constituents - the social media strategy, SEO strategy, content strategy, advertising strategy - each prepared with very high attention to detail.


Our development matrix ensures the various elements of a digital marketing project sync in perfect harmony allowing us to deliver high-impact solutions for every channel and requirement.


Brilliant content needs a great voice and the right volume. We ensure our digital and social updates find the right channels and make the right noise, giving our clients the amazing results they expect and deserve.

Some of our work

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