Disruption has been a subject of debate between academics and practitioners for a long time; while some regard it as an innovative marketing approach with a massive potential, others see it as a complete business model that must be implemented carefully. The truth is: it’s both.

In today’s world, ‘disruptive’ is anything that shakes up an established practice, business or industry.

Disruptions create a new market or a new audience, or perhaps offer new ways of doing things we thought could only be done one way. The term ‘disruptive’ now simply means innovative and ground-breaking.

Over the past 5 years, the biggest winners have been the ones who have disrupted the market. Here’s disruption explained in one image:

Disruptive Marketing for events is a creative combination of experiential, controversial and guerrilla marketing where the focus is on doing something unique, bold and shocking on a large scale, creating a massive publicity wave. It’s all about breaking away from the norm and surprising the audience to draw a reaction from them.

For event marketing, this is a perfect recipe to stand out from the crowd.

In the age of digital and social media, disruptive marketing offers a vast range of possibilities by virtue of virality. If you’ve got a bold and unconventional idea that could resonate with today’s digital audiences, the potential for your message to go viral is immensely high.

Disruptive marketing has given us some of the most talked-about campaigns in recent memory. When we talk about Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from the edge of the stratosphere for Redbull, or LG’s super-scary elevator prank, or perhaps British Airways’ “BA Can’t Get It Up” stunt – all of them share the common disruptive elements – they are unconventional, unique and bold.

As one of the leading event management companies in the UAE, GEM has a number of creative communications and experiential marketing campaigns to its credit. Wherever feasible, we advocate the use of disruptive marketing for events promotion, simply because of the sheer impact of unconventional, unexpected and slightly controversial stunts.

Whether it’s through the use of virtual reality, experiential marketing, social media or mobile apps, our creative teams understand the value of disruption tactics and their potential in increasing brand awareness and audience engagement.

We understand the Middle East market better than any other event marketing company and our campaigns are fine-tuned to have the right impact without taking it too far.

If you’ve got an event or campaign that could benefit from a disruptive marketing stunt, let us know your challenges. We would love to share some ideas to get your brand and your event talked about.

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