Do you have an all-important event coming up and want to make it special? Instead of trying to put something together yourself, you might be better off seeking advice from the experts – experienced planners or event management companies.

Event planning and management can either be simple or complicated, depending on the nature of the event. You can arrange a dinner for ten people easily, but if you want to celebrate an important occasion with an exquisite gala dinner for 40, you will require a high level of creativity, planning, organising and meticulous execution with attention to detail to make it special.

If you do an internet search for event management companies in Dubai, UAE, there will be plenty of names populating your screen. How do you ensure you find the right planner who can deliver to your requirements? Here are some points to consider:


Look for experienced event planners; those who have been in the industry for a long time and planned and executed international events. Event companies that have been around for a long time will bring in their wealth of knowledge and experience to plan for the occasion to the highest standards.

Portfolio and Testimonials

Ask the company for their credentials and work portfolio to find out what they have done and for whom. Usually the companies that have consistently organised big events for reputed clients will have the resources and the ability to take your event and make it special. You can ask the event management company to provide you references and testimonials from their existing clients to see whether they really deliver on their promises.


The best events management companies are known to be creative and dynamic in the way they go about event planning and execution. In this industry, only the most creative and consistently innovating agencies thrive. When looking at your planner’s credentials and case studies, look for elements of creativity and ingenuity in their work.

Budget management

The big players in this industry are able to optimally manage your budget through their key partnerships and business relations. This brings your costs down and helps you achieve more with your budget. In addition, top companies are proactive with your ideas and proposals and they always offer added value.

If you would like to know more about the event management solutions available in Dubai and what to do to add that magic to your next corporate event, brand launch, conference, exhibition, gala dinner or seminar, please contact us at or call +971 4 454 1387.

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