If you are in the dynamic field of event management and want to know what qualities companies look for when hiring event planners and executives, you might want to read on.

As one of the leading event management companies in Dubai and the Middle East region, our company inbox is usually flooded with CVs from candidates enquiring about a job opening with us.

We conduct a handful of interviews every few months, and it’s the professionals who stand head and shoulders above the rest by displaying mostly the following qualities during interviews who get selected to work with us.


Passion and Energy

Event management is an extremely demanding field; on an average day an event manager juggles a number of tasks, meetings, calls, presentations and client requirements. When a candidate enters the interview room, one of the first things we look for is the level of energy and passion for the role he or she brings. It’s a vibe that you either carry with yourself or you don’t.


Communication and Interpersonal skills

As an eventprof you will have to communicate with a number of parties and stakeholders on a regular basis. A key quality we look for is how clearly and effectively you can communicate an idea during the interview.


Creativity and Problem-solving

Events require creative people who can come up with solutions quickly and consistently. We look for evidences of creativity and problem-solving skills in your past work and attach great value to this dimension. So get ready to answer some quirky questions!


An eye for detail

In event management, even the minute details are significantly important. Your observation skills go a long way in determining your competency in organising successful events. Whether it’s creating a critical path analysis chart or listing down requirements for a gala dinner, attention to detail is an absolute must. How do we test this in an interview? Do a Google search for non-verbal cues and hypotheticals to get an idea.


‘Tech Savvy’ is your middle name

Event technology has evolved over the last few years – whether it’s the use of social media or online registration systems, RFID tagging or live streaming, mobile apps or perhaps drone technology – we expect an event manager to be well aware of the available technology that can be used to make an event experience better or simplify a task.


If you have these qualities then you could be a born event manager. If you don’t, and still want to become an event professional, it’s time you start developing these qualities before your next interview.

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