Attendee check-in or registration could be a stressful component of your event if you don’t get it right. The importance of event registration cannot be overstated; it is the first impression your guests have about your event and we all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Event registrations are a great opportunity for you to impress your guests and elevate your brand image.

In the past, manual registrations were cumbersome and time-consuming, often causing long queues at check-in desks and leaving your guests irked. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to move past this stage and into the age of fast, efficient and easy registrations.

Next time you have a requirement for a check-in / registration at your event, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Move on from paper

In this day and age, paper checklists should be banned. There’s nothing more unnerving than searching for a guest name on a 6-page paper checklist whilst a huge queue builds up. Thankfully, event registration apps and software are here to the rescue.

Apps let you customise search types; whether you want to check-in guests using email addresses, names, confirmation numbers, QR codes, RFID chips or even retina scans, all this is now possible at the click of a button. These apps are cost-effective and can be installed on laptops, tablets, mobile phones or even self-check-in kiosks, which will free up your event staff and make the registration process quicker.

As a step ahead, event registration apps now offer big data and CRM integration which helps you customise attendee experience on a whole new level, making it more personal and engaging. Our event managers love it!

What’s happening to name badges?

Pre-printing of name badges for events is not a good idea when you consider the fact that on average 20% of the invitees do not show up. Plus, there is the hassle of sorting the printed badges alphabetically and requiring space to lay them out – who wants to do that nowadays!

Event managers are increasingly favouring wireless badge printers which can print from any device on demand whilst allowing the event staff and attendees the flexibility to preview and edit the badge before printing – saving time, paper and money in the process.

And what about payments during check-ins?

If there is payment involved, ideally organisers want all attendees to register and pay online in advance, but we know that is only possible in an ideal world. Thankfully, modern event apps are revolutionising the payment process too. Manual tills, paper receipts and printed transaction data are a thing of the past. Event apps now combine with technologies like mobile-enabled credit card readers, NFC payment devices and wearable RFID wristbands, seamlessly recording payment data and making the process a breeze.

From customised messages to personalised experiences for every attendee, technology is providing event managers the tools to make events a success starting right from the registration desk. For more on how you can further elevate the overall check-in experience at your next event, speak to us today!

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