Sponsorship has always been a key element of marketing strategies for successful brands. According to a recent IEG report, sponsorship spend of brands across the globe exceeded $60 billion in 2016.

When executed properly, sponsorship campaigns offer a high return on investment for companies, irrespective of their size.

Sponsorship of events in particular can be a highly potent marketing tool because of the following main reasons:


Events provide a targeted audience

If you have identified your audience, then surely you should be interested in the events they are interested in. Example: there’s a reason you see fitness and nutrition companies sponsoring triathlons and marathons – that’s because their target audience is most likely to be interested in or present at such events. Event sponsorship provides you access to an invested, enthusiastic audience.


Potential for data capture is immense

By sponsoring events where your target audience is present, you create an immense potential for data / lead capture. A creatively designed engagement tactic, possibly integrated with social media, mobile apps, or experiential technologies like RFID and geofencing could mean access to target data and analytics help you shape or promote your proposition.


You can leverage the media coverage

Almost every event nowadays receives vast coverage on social media, digital media, press circles and traditional media. Organisers and co-sponsors like to spend on marketing and promotion of their events, which means you tend to benefit from an extended coverage, reaching a broader audience.


Receive immediate feedback

A number of event organisers let their sponsors demonstrate their services and products during the event. With a highly targeted audience present at the event, you can receive instant feedback from your potential customers, helping you further polish and improve your proposition before going to the market.


Build credibility

By choosing a big event which allows you to associate your brand with other reputed brands in the market, you can elevate your brand perception and image enormously. It is a great way to emerge as a credible business in your target audience’s minds.

Sponsorship is a highly effective way to get your business seen, heard and talked about by your target audience as well as a broader audience. You’ll be hitting a lot of birds with one stone when you choose to sponsor, saving you time and valuable resources. If you’d like to discuss sponsorship opportunities at events in the UAE and the Middle East, please feel free to get in touch with us at marketing@geventm.com.

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