Technology is making a huge impact on events nowadays, with wireless communication, social media, automation and smart devices becoming a regular feature at conferences, exhibitions, concerts, festivals and even corporate dinners and picnics.

One such technological trend making waves here in the UAE is smart wristbands, (NFC and RFID wristbands), that are revolutionising guest attendance registration, wireless payment, guest management, audience segmentation, guest interaction and customer service.

Already your concert ticket, the way you pay for drinks, and the way you share your event experience can all be taken care of with a tap of the wrist.

Near Field Communication devices or NFC and Radio Frequency Identification or RFID devices use radio frequencies and wireless electromagnetic fields to facilitate exchange of data and information, communicating with multiple devices wirelessly.

At GEM, we always believe in utilising technology to enhance guest experience, and here in Dubai we have experienced a remarkable improvement in guest management and data collection just by using a simple wristband containing a RFID or NFC microchip. It’s safe to say these smart wristbands are becoming a regular feature at the events we conduct.

Tracking guests digitally as they enter and exit the event space, giving visitors levels of access, facilitating cashless payments, collecting information about guest interaction, simultaneous digital and social sharing of information and much more – RFID and NFC wristbands are making it all seamless, effective and quick.

For more on how your next event could utilise these wristbands to enhance guest experience, contact GEM today.

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