With January almost rounding up, we can already see the latest and innovative trends emerging this year. Last year was about the technological trends, which we don’t see stopping anytime soon.

However, this year would take a slightly different route with a something different in the spotlight. The engagement concept is also taking a slight shift from stats to live monitoring and real-time adjustment. To stay ahead in the competitive market, event planners need to constantly try, test implement new strategies and trends.

Let’s have a look at some of the event trends this year that would shape the events industry.


Customized & Personalized Event Experience

As previously mentioned the use of technology continues with a different twist. We can gather attendee preferences in events, activity, and activations; allowing event organizers to create curated experiences to ensure high engagement and impact.

Customization allows gives the audience the power to influence their journey at the event.


Pick the Right Venue

Your event venue plays a big role on the outcome of your event. Your event space can vary from a four-wall room to theatres, ballrooms and classrooms. However, to create a bold and memorable experience for your attendees; event organizers can take advantage of the unique event layouts and stylish venues.

Different layouts and venues can serve for different purposes and in 2018, the venue selected by the event organizer should reflect the statement and personality of the event.


Infusing Creative or Local Flavor to Events

The flavor of an event does not necessarily mean the cuisine. To enhance and create a powerful event experience, an organizer could add local flavor to an event; from the food, to the culture, scenery, history, concept and more.

Try to keep the balance between modernizing and localizing your events – this is a common trend emerging this year.


Virtual Concept

Virtual reality and other virtual concepts have been a trend that has been booming and enhancing since last year. It’s important to know the difference between virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality.

VR is a stimulation of the real-life surrounding, which focuses on stimulating the vision and hearing. While Augmented reality allows users to experience computer-generated images on real-life objects – similar to Snapchat filters. Mixed reality is the use of both AR and VR.

This is a technology that can be a very engaging and futuristic which allow your event speakers and attendees to break barriers.


More Engaging Activities

This goes without saying! To get the attendees, speakers and participants more engaged with the event, organized should spends some time creating outstanding activities or activations within an event.


Have you utilised some of these trends to promote your event or your brand? How was your experience and did you achieve your results? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at marketing@geventm.com.


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