3D Projection Mapping is not a new trend, but with the latest advancements in LED projectors, laser technology, mapping techniques and a burst of creativity from professionals worldwide, event managers are increasingly relying on 3D projection themes to enthral audiences at events.

Also known as Spatial Augmented Reality or 3D Video Mapping, 3D Projection Mapping, instead of projecting on flat surfaces, maps light onto three-dimensional objects to bring them to life as interactive displays.

3D Projection Mapping has the capacity to turn any surface into a dazzling canvas. Add to it special effects, motion graphics and lasers, and you get brilliant displays that are fit for reveals, brand launches, presentations, entertainment events and corporate events.

Global Event Management has exclusive tie-ups with some of the leading 3D Projection Mapping companies in Dubai, Europe and the Americas. Together with some of the top 3D effect artists and creative geniuses we’ve created campaigns that mesmerised audiences and brought 3D objects like cars, buildings and event stages to life.

Talk to Global Event Management for more on how we can tur your next event into a 3D visual masterpiece. Here are some examples of what can be achieved:

3D Projection Mapping for Car Launch

3D Projection Mapping for Marketing Campaigns

3D Projection Mapping for Conferences / Exhibitions

3D Projection Mapping for Dance Shows

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