Livestreaming of events on the internet is not a new trend; it’s been around for more than a decade, but with the omnipresence of social media, it has now evolved into a formidable tool for event marketers to reach and engage a broader audience.

Livestreaming adds a new dimension to event marketing, one which is becoming increasingly popular with event managers and their audience alike. There are clear reasons why more and more events are now being streamed live on social media:

  • Livestreaming on social media drastically increases your content discovery to a targeted as well as a broader audience anywhere in the world across multiple devices
  • You don’t require much technical expertise to manage a livestream on social media during an event
  • It allows you the flexibility to move away from the regular coverage of the event to a more interactive platform where you can engage attendees and viewers on a personal level
  • It’s highly cost-effective – you only require a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, GoPro, etc.) and an internet connection to go online

According to latest research from Facebook, users on the world’s largest social network watch live videos 3 times longer than posted videos. Live videos also receive 10 times more engagement (likes, comments and shares) than posted videos.

With the increasing popularity of live streaming videos on Facebook, Twitter-acquired Periscope and Google’s YouTube, experts predict further growth and new players in the live streaming apps market. It is relatively safe to say that more and more people will stream live on social media as well as be more receptive to live streamed events on various platforms.

Corporate events like seminars, exhibitions, brand launch events, sports events and activations stand to benefit most from live streaming on social media. Livestreaming platforms like Facebook and Periscope are consistently evolving to include more features and becoming accessible to more brands and individuals. The potential is immense!

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