Mobile Apps for events have become increasingly popular this year and we expect their popularity to grow even more. As any event manager or expert in the events industry will tell you, event technology, especially mobile devices have made a huge impact on the way events are conducted.

Nowadays, almost all of us, including those who are not exactly tech-savvy, carry a smart phone around everywhere we go. Use of mobile phones and smart devices at events has increased exponentially. Taking advantage of the fact, event management companies and events apps developers have come up with intuitive solutions based on technology, smartphones, mobile and wireless telephony that can be used to make the event experience even better.

Event Apps are helping us simplify and replace existing processes:

  • Use of paper for event programs, agendas, attendee lists, exhibition guides, survey papers and course notes is slowly being curtailed. Great for the environment too!
  • Paper-based ticketing and registrations are also becoming a passé
  • Directional signage and program maps are replaced too
  • Data Collection and Analytics have experienced a quantum jump

More importantly, event apps are revolutionising how we control and manage the event experience including:

  • Onsite social media networking and engagement
  • Group or targeted alerts and announcements
  • Improved peer-to-peer messaging, appointment making and business contact exchange
  • Improved networking opportunities
  • Customisation of event experience based on attendee preferences
  • Integrated gamification applications
  • Real-time automated language translation

Event apps offer a whole lot more and they are increasingly becoming easier to use. If you’d like to know more about event technology and how mobile apps can make the difference at your next event, conference, exhibition, or corporate meeting, speak to our event managers at 04 454 1387 or email




Video Source: Mobile Event Guide

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