Outdoor Cinemas or Open-air Cinemas have come a long way since they first began in the early 1900s. Over the generations, technology brought digital colour projectors, finer screen materials, surround sound and a range of other advancements, raising the cinema experience to never-before-seen levels.

Today, Outdoor Cinema is in the age of Ultra High Definition (4K) video, laser projectors and 3-D Dolby sound, while the concept of open-air cinemas has seen a surge in popularity as it offers something different from the usual.

In the UAE, outdoor cinema has seen a steady rise in popularity, whether at public events and festivals or at private screenings; most notable example being the outdoor cinema at the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) beach.

Global Event Management has now taken the Outdoor Cinema a level further by introducing the most technologically advanced Outdoor Cinema available in the UAE.

Having already received a great reception at our latest event in Ras Al Khaimah, the GEM Outdoor Cinema comprises of a state-of-the-art Ultra High Definition laser projector, top quality inflatable screen, 3-D Dolby sound and range of more than 100,000 latest movies to choose from. GEM also provides complete installation and theming services to go with your outdoor movie experience.

See our Outdoor Cinema in action in the gallery below and click on the button to find out more.

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