Event technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, placing newer tools and events solutions in the hands of event managers.

With the omnipresence of social media, brand marketers too have access to new platforms where their audience likes to come to play.

Not surprisingly, marrying event management with technology and social media has produced a number of innovative solutions that boost attendee engagement at events. The Social Media Vending Machine is one such exciting combination of these ingredients.

Whether it’s a festival or a conference, a brand launch or an experiential marketing campaign, a social media-activated vending machine is just the perfect platform for your brand to leverage its social media presence to increase brand awareness, whilst creating high levels of engagement with your target audience.

The process is very simple: these customisable and interactive vending machines can be programmed to dispense gifts / merchandise when users tweet or post Instagram photos to their account using your hashtag or tag – whichever way you program it.

For example: on a Twitter-activated vending machine, a user receives the directions for the tweet in order to receive an immediate reward from the machine; usually requires tweeting to the brands twitter handle whilst standing in front of the machine or using a particular hashtag. Once done, the machine dispenses the gift. Very simple!

For brands, this means a chance to create innovative promotions and experiential marketing campaigns that receive high levels of attention and engagement, not only at the event site but also on the social media.

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