The Glow Garden is so much more than just a garden that glows in the dark; it’s an enchanted world full of surprises, lights, colours, flowers, and a range of attractions including talking trees and animals, dinosaurs, performers, artists, music and lasers. In short, a whole lot of fun!


The themed LED decorations combined with characters and sounds ensure an amazing sensory experience for the visitors. There a number of acts and fairy tales than can be adapted to the glow garden, creating a wonderful world of adventure and magic for families.


Glow Garden can be themed and added as an attraction to any kids event, brand activation, festival, or corporate party. The Glow Garden is a crowd favourite, adding a new dimension of entertainment at your event.


Our latest installation of Glow Garden was during the Yas Mall Springfest and it proved immensely popular with all visitors, particularly the beautiful lighting which brought the enchanted forest theme to life.

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