Our friendly dinosaurs are the centre of attraction at many events. Whether it’s attracting crowds to festivals and malls, or engaging kids and families in spellbinding entertainment, our Dinos are there!

When it comes to entertaining the crowds, few performers can beat our dinosaurs.

VIDEO: Dinos in Action.

Recently, our roaring friends were seen at the newly-opened IMG Worlds Of Adventure, a multi-million-dollar indoor theme park in the heart of Dubai, UAE.

The ferocious (read gentle) beasts were not only strolling along the theme park with an army of excited kids following them everywhere, they were also easily the most sought-after celebrities for selfies. A number of families and kids gathered around the dinos throughout the 4-day activation for selfies and photographs.

We are not surprised; wherever we’ve set up the Dino Park Live Show in the past, we’ve been welcomed by rapturous crowds of excited kids and families. After all, it’s not every day one gets to meet these Jurassic wonders.

Our dinosaurs are not just costumes, but interactive performers and artists who know how to win over crowds for that perfect activation, brand launch, festival or marketing campaign. The shows are customisable and there are songs, dance, music, voiceovers and a range of themes available.

With the UAE weather cooling down, expect these entertainers to show up at outdoor events near you. Cooler weather is their preferred time to hunt!

With such great entertainment in the offing, it’s easy to figure out why the return of the dinosaurs is our top event trend.

For more information and to book your own dinosaur show, get in touch with us at marketing@geventm.com or call +971 4 454 1387.

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