Spring is officially here, which means the colourful, vibrant and fresh event décor and nature-inspired themes are back in vogue for corporate events. We have conducted a number of spring-themed events and springfests this month, and it is not hard to understand why they are such a big favourite with every type of audience.

Spring themes for events like corporate gala dinners, activations, experiential campaigns or live communications convey the idea of ‘new and fresh’ to the audience and that is exactly the message brands want to send out at the beginning of the year.

Another reason for the popularity of the spring theme for events is the feeling of happiness, joy and prosperity we tend to associate with everything that is colourful, fresh and blossoming – it strikes a chord with everyone.

Global Event Management Group offers a number of events solutions utilising the spring theme for event décor, set design, gala dinners, experiential marketing campaigns, activations, brand launches, entertainment and virtually every event requirement your organisation may have.

Here’s a look at some of the popular spring theme components:

Spring-themed Decor
Spring-themed Entertainment
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Spring-themed Gala Dinners
Spring-themed Mascots
Spring-themed Experiential Campaigns
Spring-themed Arts & Crafts
Spring-themed Fashion Shows
Spring-themed Glow Garden
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