At Global Event Management Group, we are passionate about experiential marketing. In fact, we love it so much, we talk about it in great detail with our clients and potential clients.

There’s a good reason why we feel this way about experiential marketing and creative communications – that’s because these are highly potent ways of delivering key messages to a targeted audience for maximum impact. This potential becomes even more immense when experiential campaigns are married with digital and social media.

Experiential marketing campaigns are mostly event-centric, but there are no hard and fast rules. The beauty of experiential campaigns is that they can be standalone events, part of activation or promotions, outdoor marketing campaigns or highly engaging advertising campaigns for online and social media, as long as they are creative and well executed.

To make our point clear, here are 6 cool experiential marketing campaigns we really enjoyed:

IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai – Dinosaur Surprise

One of the biggest indoor theme parks in the world, The IMG Worlds of Adventure, launched in Dubai, UAE amidst great excitement in September 2016. For the activation of their Jurassic-themed Lost Valley zone, the theme park chose Global Event Management Group who created a spectacular interactive dinosaur show which captured the attention of visitors instantly and became widely popular on social media. More than 5,000 selfies with the dinos were posted on various social media sites in the few days of the activation, giving the brand amazing exposure in the early stages of their launch. More details here.

Coca Cola Happiness Campaign – India & Pakistan

India and Pakistan are two countries whose relationship over the years has seen a lot of ebbs and flows. Coca Cola decided to bring the people from these two fractured countries together through a wonderfully done Happiness campaign. With a simple, yet creative, use of vending machines, internet, webcams and touchscreens, Coca Cola created a live interface where people from the two countries could see each other and share a message of peace and love across the border. The heart-warming campaign put a smile on millions of faces who associated Coca Cola with unity, happiness and good times. The video received millions of views on online and social media channels.

The Guinness Class Experience

The Guinness Class Experience is a perfect example of a 257-year-old brand adopting a fresh marketing perspective without making any changes to its core product. An experiential campaign to associate an alcoholic beverage-maker with luxury experiences has got to be one from the head of a marketing genius. In this much talked-about campaign, Guinness brand ambassadors dressed in flight-attendant uniforms entered pubs and restaurants across the UK and surprised unsuspecting customers with loads of prizes, including a grand prize – a luxury private jet experience for the winner and his/her four friends. The campaign was well received and gained great popularity on social media channels.

Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis Campaign

In a world where fitness, nutrition and weight-loss products constantly ask people to change things about them, Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis campaign stood head and shoulders above most experiential campaigns because of the simplicity and weight of its message. Instead of promoting a diet-centric message, their #WeighThis campaign asked women how they would like to be weighed, not in terms of their body weight, but the achievements they were proud of. Lean Cuisine filled a New York Grand Central station wall with weighing scales, not showing women’s weight but the weight of their accomplishments. Nobody was asked to interact and sample Lean Cuisine products and there were no marketing messages, just a Lean Cuisine logo and lots of feels! The relevant hashtags were featured and the campaign received more than 205 million online views on various social media channels.

Zappos vs. Google – The Cupcake Surprise

When Google launched its photo app, they promoted using it using a clever experiential campaign offering cupcakes to people at various locations within the US in return for a photo taken using the app. It was a well-planned campaign, as you’d expect from Google, until Zappos ambushed and made it even more fun.

Zappos brought their box-on-feet vending machine, dispensing attractive gifts like sunglasses, t-shirts, shoes and accessories – in return for the cupcake that Google was offering. Very clever indeed! So in order to avail the Zappos gifts, people were required to take the photo with the Google app, collect the cupcake, deposit the cupcake in the Zappos box and collect exciting giveaways. The friendly ambush gave great exposure to both brands, whilst the people enjoyed the exciting giveaways.

Google’s Bay Area CSR

Not many companies take their corporate social responsibility as seriously as Google does. So when the company decided to give $5.5 million to Bay Area’s non-profits, they let the Bay Area public decide who receives the funding in a very well-thought-out interactive experiential campaign. Google installed interactive touchscreens throughout the Bay Area at various public locations where people could easily read about Google’s initiative and vote for one of the many social causes to receive the funding. People could also vote on social media and with help of hashtag #GoogleImpactChallenge, Google received more than 400,000 votes, making the campaign a big success. It was Google’s initiative of not only carrying out their CSR program for the local community but also allowing the public to decide the outcome that won it for us.

Over To You: Are there any other Experiential Marketing campaigns you really enjoyed and want to share with us? Get in touch with us at We’d love to hear from you.

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