Social media is constantly changing the way we communicate globally and the dynamics of marketing.

Facebook recently announced major changes to your newsfeed algorithm.

Mark Zuckerberg said that users will see fewer posts from business pages, brands and media – and more content from their friends and family.


  1. Flat out – expect to see your page’s reach, referral traffic and video watch time decrease. Organic has been “dead” for a while for most brands, but this is Facebook signing the death certificate.


  1. As more businesses continue to fight to be seen in the newsfeed, expect the cost of advertising to on the platform to drastically increase.


  1. Poorly performing ad sets, a result of bad creative, poor copy or irrelevant targeting are going to cause a bigger hole in your advertising budget.


  1. Click-bait and the effort to spread paranoia isn’t going to work, as Facebook is going to prioritise personally “meaningful” interactions, and not the volume of interactions.


  1. Content that gets people to interact and comment will surface higher, but engagement-bait is going to be penalized.


This new implantation is going to force marketers to figure a new approach to getting people interested in what you have to say without running a competition or giving away freebies.

As a Facebook user, this excites me.  As a marketer, this means getting very particular about media planning.

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