Here at Global Event Management, we’re always on the lookout for the next cutting-edge trend we can incorporate into our event offerings. And it’s no secret that in the last few years, large scale technology such as augmented reality and gamification have taken off with a bang. 2018 is only set to see bigger and bolder versions of these technologies, and as the biggest event management company in the UAE, we hope to be at the forefront of at least some of them. Let’s talk about some of the trends we’re seeing…and loving!

What once seemed like an invention from a science fiction novel is now reality. Introducing BLE and iBeacons technology. While not reaching Minority Report levels, this technology still allows you to watch over your event attendees’ every move. Apply it properly and you’ll be able to analyse people’s behaviour and react accordingly. What’s working? What’s not? Once upon a time we had to wait weeks after the fact to gather and analyse data, only to implement it on the next event. But with BLE and iBeacons you’ll be able to apply changes as things are happening.

Here are three ways to use iBeacons at your event:

Attendee management – Guests that attend can now be wirelessly prompted using the bluetooth in their phone, providing you a real-time tally of who is in attendance and just how many showed up.

Navigation – iBeacon uses indoor positioning systems which show your current location on your smartphone as well as the location of the session or stand you’re trying to find.

Gamifying your event – Using the navigation and locator features of iBeacons allows you to set goals, items, and areas at your event venue for your attendees to explore and collect points, badges, and additional rewards.

Augmented reality allows you to view the real world through your phone screen, adding elements that aren’t there in real life. Imagine a digital treasure hunt around your event space with characters and hidden signposts to help you on your way.

We might still be away from completely virtual conferences, but virtual reality can still be big plus to today’s events. Technology like the Oculus Rift and the much more affordable Google Cardboard can create an experience that just simply wouldn’t be possible in the physical world. Virtual reality can be used to visualise 3D models, do a walkthrough, play games, and so much more in immersive ways.

Despite the growing popularity of livestreaming events, questions persist about their value. If you haven’t already, it’s time to learn how to livestream your event and boost your brand.

Livestreaming expands your audience beyond event capacity. Encourage attendees and staff to share your livestream with friends who couldn’t attend. Define an event hashtag and encourage attendees who broadcast their experience to use it, so you can measure the results.

This one has us the most excited! Who wouldn’t want a drone?! Just stick a camera (GoPros are great) on one and you’ll get a birds eye perspective of the event. You can either livestream the event to show people wat they’re missing, or you can film it to use it afterwards as a reel for the amazing experiences you and/or your agency can organise. Using drones as part of your event experience is content capture at its finest – capture exclusive content for your client, your video reel and you and your brand’s social media channels.

OR you can get really creative and have a dancing drone performance, deliver food and drinks or fly banners around.

Experienced event organizers already know how to use RFID to replace tickets and physical payments. In 2018, the next step will be using RFID to upgrade sponsorship experiences. Faster activation check-ins increase engagement. Sponsors can gather data without interrupting the experience.

Imagine having the ability to change variables such as music genre, venue temperature, and music volume on the spot based on the mood of your guests. Crowdshaping gives event managers this ability through the use of smartphones and wearable technologies, which collect this data in real time.

Using check-in apps that allow users to log in through their social media accounts gives you insight into the preferences of your guests, along with further inquiries through real-time mobile surveys and GPS locating. Using this information, you can build an event for your crowd in real time. Is the venue too warm? You can ask and find out at a moment’s notice. Is the music too loud or not to the liking of your guests? Crowdshaping technology lets you know.

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