10 Theme Ideas For Your Next Corporate Gala Dinner

Corporate gala dinners are a regular feature in the event calendar of most organisations nowadays. Whether it’s an awards night, a milestone celebration, a presentation or just about any important occasion, a gala dinner party is an important part of the event.

Gala dinner events have evolved greatly over the last few years as event managers are increasingly experimenting with a wide range of entertainment options, themes, catering and venue ideas.

Here are 10 of our favourite gala dinner themes (and 3 new bonus ones!) which are perfect for your next corporate event:

1. Outer Space / Landed on Mars

From splashy starry skies, entertainers dressed as space creatures from another galaxy, and futuristic décor, evoke the look and feel of the cosmos at your next event. Transform your venue into a literal mothership with interactive LED walkways and screens all around to give the appearance of being seated in a spaceship flying through space, an interstellar cocktail lounge with oxygen machines, retro gaming stations, an interactive gaming floor, and weird and wonderful walkabout galactica space characters.

2. Casino Royale


When it comes to the ultimate in excitement and glamour, not many gala dinner nights can compete with a Casino Royale-themed night. The focus is on sharp and sophisticated dressing, elegant décor, focused lighting and all things VIP.

A Casino Royale theme party is a high-class affair – it calls for suits and black tie for the gentlemen, gowns and heels for the ladies. Other important components of the theme also include full-sized gaming tables, gaming chips, professional croupiers, casino props, creative stage sets, Las Vegas show girls, bouncers and body guarding services, flame machines and exotic car displays.

3. Moulin Rouge


Entertain guests with plenty of ballroom dancing, live acts, immersive costumes, elaborate sets, a décor with deep red and black shades and dim velvety lights. The Moulin Rouge theme is a glamorous affair featuring top hats, feathers and a lot of oomph.

4. The Black & White Formal

Normally you’d think of black and white as dull and boring but leave it to event managers to make this themed gala dinner a classy affair to remember. Perfect for high-level corporate gala dinners, the theme allows event planners to play with the contrasting colours, subtle lighting and classic décor to create a unique atmosphere that looks and feels very high end.

5. The Oscars


An Oscars-themed gala dinner complements your organisation’s awards night very well. The prestige associated with this grand event theme will wow your guests and attendees. Red carpet entrance, photo walls, bright lights, paparazzi, theatrical costumes, Hollywood-inspired entertainment and props will surely add the charm and glamour your gala night deserves. You can get creative with the awards night décor, whilst the contrasting dim and bright lighting around the stage will create an amazing atmosphere.

6. Vegas Baby!

The Vegas theme is about fun, colours and sounds that transport you to the city of lavish and luxurious. Red, black, gold, and silver are the theme colours and there is song and dance, bright lights and Vegas-style entertainment to amaze the audience. The décor heavily features card games, dice games, slot machines, and other casino-related props and centrepieces making for an immersive setting. Vegas-style entrances and archways adorn the theme for an overall glitzy environment.

7. Classic 1920s / Gatsby


1920s- and Gatsby-themed gala evenings are always classy affairs with stunning grand centrepieces, elaborate décor, sophisticated dressing and refined entertainment. The setting calls for rich yet subtle colours – white, silver, gold, beige and grey – whilst one can get very creative with the lighting and ambience (we’re talking luxurious chandeliers). The set design comes to life with shiny gold and silver props. Classical black tie attire, elegant dresses, feathers and masks adorn the evening.

8. Hawaiian / Caribbean


Bring out the good times with the idea of an island getaway theme for your gala dinner. An outdoor or rooftop event complete with natural rustic décor, bright shades inspired by the ocean, exotic flower centrepieces and a seafood menu will transport your guests to the tropical climes. Entrance and archways feature traditional straw gates and coconut trees, whilst head bands, garlands, beads and hats are the order of the day.

9. Medieval


Take a step back in time and bring back the era of the kings, the queens and the knights. A medieval theme adds a distinct dimension to gala dinner events where prop armaments, coat of arms, elaborate costumes, house banners and staged acts create an atmosphere to remember. The dinner event also features ballroom dancing, royal décor, grand lighting and rich expressive colours.

10. Secret Garden

Take your guests on a journey of mystery and wonderment with the secret glow garden theme. Whether you choose a real garden setting or recreate a garden in your event space, the contrasting dark backdrop against a glowing outline of the garden’s décor element adds an amazing feel to the evening. Illuminated garden elements like trees, foliage, night creatures and flowers complement the spotlit stage, seating and table centrepieces.


Wine Tasting

There is nothing quite like the style involved with wine tasting or a winery to bring people together. Wine tasting-themed decor can involve a lot of creativity, and wine gifts make perfect centerpieces for the seating areas. Black tie formal wear should also be required.



Capture the true spirit of the theatre by decorating your venue in Broadway fashion. Stage acting, rich colors, and plenty of lights attract attention to your event and add an element of art to your gala affair. Broadway-themed events often feature a lavishly decorated stage with live musical or theatric performances. Decorate your dinner “scene” with paper overhangs inspired by the writing of a famous playwright. Quills as table centerpieces and lighting projection on the surrounding walls further enhance the playwright theme.

Under the Sea

By choosing a variety of deep blues for your décor and food items, this nautical theme can really bring the sea to life. Table centerpieces consisting of arranged seashells and balloons in the shape of dolphins or other sea creatures create a stunning atmosphere. Some gala dinners are even held at aquariums, so that guests can see the beauty of the ocean first hand.

If you would like to know about more gala dinner theme ideas or share some of your favourite gala dinner themes with us, please get in touch at info@geventm.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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