One of the most debated topics in the business world remains in gauging the success of events. There are many researches, surveys and feedback reports stating that events still remain as the 2nd highest ranked marketing channel used by businesses. Even though there are many benefits for events some of the top ones are:


  1. Generate awareness

This is quantified with the increase in inquiries, forms filled in on the website and social media as well as the increase in phone calls post-event.


  1. Build brand equity

Brand equity remains intangible for businesses that do not measure it through a balanced scorecard or having a marketing financial audit done (internally and externally). Mainly it is just the Marketing head’s feedback based on number crunching.


  1. Interact with your customers

Getting direct feedback, compliments or even complaints is very beneficial for businesses to receive post event.


  1. Expand your reach

Tapping into new markets, segments and product categories can be tested through events. Most businesses participate in international exhibitions to promote their export sales.


  1. Drive revenue

Event-based lead generation, this can be easily done through networking at your own or your client’s events.



At GEM, we advocate the right use of effective marketing strategies tailored to each client and event all the time.  There are a number of other tricks, tactics and best practices we follow to measure the success of your events and we’d love to share more with you. Get in touch with us at for more!

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