Enter the CarniEvil, where nightmares come true and screaming is only the beginning…

Global Event Management is bringing you the first ever Haunted House Attraction to the Middle East. An experience of endless fear where all your nightmares come true & screaming is just the beginning for those who dare to enter CarniEvil.

In celebration of the global phenomenon that is Halloween, held in October every year, our Haunted Carnevil will give visitors a horrifying new experience.

Haunted House attractions are one of the most popular seasonal events around the world and GEM is bringing the entertaining fear factor to the region.

Entertainment that simulates the senses – a truly scary Haunted House experience that is inhabited by ghosts of, monsters, zombies, gargoyles, bats, ghouls, haunted dolls, puppets, haunted clowns.

The special effects, (lighting, strobe lights, black lights), animatronics, CGI, scent dispensers, fog machines, air blasters, old antiques, gory images, and intense scenes of terror, torment, crime, and mischief.

Visitors will come in contact with various characters in scary costumes, masks, and prosthetics; prepare to be scared as they hide and jump out unexpectedly, shock, disturb, and amuse the customer.

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