Entertainment is an essential part of every corporate event. As one of the leading event management companies in Dubai, and with decades of events experience behind us, we can tell you that entertainment can make or break your event.

The right entertainment can bring your corporate party, awards function or gala dinner to life, creating a memorable experience for the guests. On the other hand, poorly selected entertainment options will highlight your special event for all the wrong reasons.

Here are a few guidelines / questions to help you select the perfect entertainment options for your next corporate event:

What is the purpose of the event?

Understanding the purpose of the event is the first step towards shortlisting the entertainment options. Every corporate event has a unique requirement; whether it’s an awards night or a celebratory dinner for the employees, a client evening or stakeholder presentations, a team building event or perhaps a brand launch, the entertainment should complement the message you want to communicate during the event. Example, a magic show may not be suitable for a networking event where guests aren’t seated.

What about the guest profile?

Entertainment should always be selected keeping in mind the audience. The number of guests, the age of the audience, the cultural background of the guests – all these factors will determine the entertainment options you can select. Example, card trick acts may not be ideal if there is a large audience present at the event.

Is it a themed event?

If your event has a theme, your audience must feel the connection between the theme and the entertainment you select. This connection will heighten the experience and make the entertainment that much more engaging. For example, the Alice In Wonderland party theme will go great if the entertainment options include illusionists and funky characters. However, the same entertainment options may not be suitable for an Oscars-themed event.

What’s the budget?

Event Managers can bring the moon and the stars to the event, but ultimately it’s the budget that will determine the kind of celebration you can have. Whether you want to have a star performer at the event or give some innovative new artists a chance, or perhaps have a combination of the two at the event, you will have to plan keeping in mind your entertainment budget. Events like brand launch and client evenings usually tend to have bigger entertainment budgets than gala dinners and team building events.

Have you evaluated the entertainers?

The entertainers you plan to hire for your next corporate event will have certain technical requirements when it comes to lighting and sound equipment, stage layouts and props, among other things. Some acts and entertainment might also require licences and insurances. You must evaluate such requirements and even audition performers to see if they are the right fit for your event. Alternatively, you can trust a recognised event entertainment agency to take care of all this work for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.

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