Events are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Event tech, seen as a buzzword as recently as 5 years ago, is now a fully-developed concept which could make a huge impact on the overall success of your event.

Event technology is giving us new and exciting tools almost every day. Virtual Reality, RFID registration systems, 3D-Projection Mapping, 3D printing and many other such technologies have revolutionised the way we conduct events.

With newer event technology solutions available at attractive prices, it can be tempting for event managers to include a cool new piece of tech in their events in order to wow the audience. However, this is where we need to be careful. As GEM’s event manager, Lisa Dickson, points out, “Event technology as a tactic must be used to add a significant value to the event, not just because it’s cool and will excite the audience for a short while”.

So, how do we decide on the best use of tech for our events? Here are some essential guidelines to consider:


Before you look at the available technology solutions, you must outline the outcomes you want to achieve with your event. When it comes to event tech, start with a solution for the core need, leave the bells and whistles for later.


You must consider the effect of tech on the overall experience of the audience present at your event. Critical factors which will help you evaluate your tech decision include:

  • Does your tech decision help streamline an important aspect of the event for your audience?
  • Are the audience used to similar technology and expecting it?
  • Is the technology easy to use?
  • How tech savvy is your audience?

Learn from your past events

As an experienced event organiser, you must have noted the challenges faced in previous events and outlined processes which can be simplified / made more efficient. It is always advisable to learn from past events and look to technology to solve these known challenges as you are likely to face them again at your next event.

Know your budget

While you evaluate your event tech solutions, it is important to keep an eye on the event budget as well. Event budgets are limited; not only should you look for cost-effective event tech solutions, but also look for technology that brings down your costs, either by reducing man hours or saving time, eventually helping you achieve more with your event budget.

Compare pros and cons

When you look for a technological solution to you event challenges, it is important to consider all aspects before making a decision. Not all tech solutions will perfectly align with your requirements and often comparing the pros and cons of all available options will help you narrow down to what you absolutely require. Create a list of core objectives and tick off event tools which help you achieve them. Develop various other criteria for selection including costs, implementation time and process, integration with current technology, additional benefits, etc. Never settle for technology which doesn’t tick all your primary requirements.

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