Gamification isn’t just for kids and millennials. It’s a strategic move that can make your event more effective and profitable by providing a memorable way for brands to engage with attendees. It sounds like a buzzword, but chances are you’ve already experienced this technique. Have you ever had a credit card that rewards you with points when you use it, filled out a survey in the hopes of winning a giveaway or taken part in a sweepstakes that asks you to post on a social media account? These are all examples of gamification. It’s not necessarily an application or technology – it’s the mindset of motivating your audience to take action by providing an incentive for completing tasks.

Event gamification comes in different forms and has the power to transform your event into an awesome one. It works through accessing the emotions and the motivations of your guests. By using gamification in your events, you can achieve the following results:

  1. Engage the attendees
  2. Activate the feeling of a common purpose
  3. Generate high-quality experiences
  4. Create an environment of trust and collaboration
  5. Relax the atmosphere

Would you like to produce events that will have a similar effect on people? If the answer is “yes”, let’s gamify!

1. Spice Up Your Presentations 

One popular use of games is the transformation of speaker presentations into fun, interactive displays where the audience is transformed into active participants. Gone are the days of the boring, 90-minute lectures. With a little bit of thought and a few apps, speakers can be more exciting and audiences more attentive. Each of your presentations should have at least one interactive aspect built in.

Gamify is an app specifically engineered to gamify your entire event with components to transform presentations with polls and social media integration. You can offer prizes and enter everyone who responded to the polls into a drawing..

Crowdmics is another simple but effective app that transforms every attendee’s cell phone into a microphone that can be synced with the PA system and used for Q&A. Questions and comments can also be texted in through the app, giving you another opportunity to collect info and offer prizes. Perhaps the easiest way to gamify your presentation is the world’s first throwable microphone, the Catchbox. What could be better to increase engagement than throwing around a colorful padded box microphone? The audience will be kept on their toes and the speaker will command more attention throughout the whole session.

2. Increase Foot Traffic & Booth Interaction

If your main goal is to drive more traffic to different event stations, there are a variety of ways to go and apps to help you along. SCANVenger Hunt and Go Game are great platforms that play off a scavenger hunt model to increase engagement across your entire event. Posters and signs with scannable QR codes can be placed at different stations, allowing players to scan the code for clues about where to go next. Participating attendees will learn more about each station, your event in general, and even sponsors as they continue to earn points. With Go Game, teams are encouraged to network and submit photo and video submissions that are later judged by everyone and presented by an event MC.

Badgeville focuses on encouraging attendees to visit as many booths and attend as many sessions as possible to gain points and redeem prizes. It should be noted though that if the goal is to increase interaction between attendees and exhibitors, there should also be incentives to ensure that people stick around each station and network with others. One way to ensure guests hang around booths that they are interested in is to incorporate beacon technology that automatically pushes out notifications to them when they are in close proximity to a certain area or vendor. Otherwise attendees may just scan QR codes or check in quickly to get points without exploring and learning.

3. Break the Ice & Ramp Up Networking

There are plenty of ideas that will really help engage attendees and get them mingling. You can create your own social media feed using Hootsuite, post it up on a large monitor, and select the most fun and creative posts to award with event swag. Trivia stations can utilize rental iPads or touchscreens to test individual attendees or teams on topics related to the event and your industry. Randomizing questions will keep people coming back, and you can change up prizes as the event goes on.

Group activities like small discussion sessions or a theater themed charging station will engage further, and encouraging icebreakers during dinner and cocktail hours will get everyone involved. Incorporating things like 5-min exercises as opposed to coffee breaks will keep energy up without the caffeine crash and providing extra-curricular suggestions will keep people mingling even after the daytime event activities.

Conclusion: A gamified event not only educates and empowers the attendee, but also rewards and entertains in new and exciting ways, creating positive engagement which can lead to high levels of brand loyalty.

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