A few of the GEM team were lucky enough to have been amongst the 90,000 strong crowd watching the recent boxing world heavyweight fight in London. And with worldwide viewing figures topping 500 million, it got us thinking – why haven’t the most popular sporting events been bought to the UAE yet?

Although the glitz and glamour of horse racing and the F1 have placed the UAE firmly on the world’s top destination map, they still pull in relatively small viewing figures, whereas the less glamourous sports of snooker and table tennis regularly draw a worldwide audience of over 700 million.

Surely the larger the audience, the greater the exposure, right?

Well we think so too, which is why GEM are currently in discussions to bring some of the world’s most popular sporting events to the UAE in the near future, which can only help elevate the UAE even further on the world stage.

Watch this space!


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