Maximising ticket sales for any type of event is a challenging endeavour. A great deal of careful planning and a considerable marketing effort is required to build interest over time whilst providing avenues where your target audience’s what, where, why and how questions are easily answered.

If you’ve got an all-important event coming up and want to boost ticket sales, here are some quick marketing tips from the experts:

  1. Brand Your Event

Create a unique name and identity for your event. Your event should be a brand in itself if you want to achieve maximum impact through marketing. Example: Moz organise an annual digital marketing and SEO conference called MozCon. The name has become a brand in itself that is well-known in the marketing circles around the world.

  1. Create Ticket Types, Discounts and Bundle Offers

An excellent way of making your event inclusive and open to a wide range of audiences is by having various types of tickets. Ticket tiers like early bird, general entry, premium package and VIP access, are a great way of increasing the scope for ticket sales. Offering discounted bundles to groups, sponsors and partner agencies, as well as having corporate passes are also a great way to boost ticket sales.

  1. Leverage Your Marketing Channels

Your marketing efforts must begin well in advance, but before you buy advertising on third party channels, leverage the marketing channels you already own. Social media is a great platform to build awareness about events and boost tickets sales. Invest in social media advertising, get social media influencers on board, be present where your audience is and give them relevant engaging content to talk about – it’s the conversations that lead to conversions.

Create user-friendly webpages where information about the event is hosted in a clear, concise and cogent manner, and ticket-purchasing information is prominent. You must direct traffic from social media and other online advertising platforms like Google Adwords to this page in order to maximise the ticket-sales potential.

  1. Activate Your Database

If you have an existing subscriber base and a list of past event attendees, an email newsletter could be a highly targeted and effective way to promote your event to them. A mail out to subscribers is known to have higher conversation rates because the audience is already familiar with your brand and offerings. It is important to segment your email audience and offer tailored propositions if you want to increase your success rate.

  1. Use Your Networks

The speakers, celebrities, brand ambassadors, partners, sponsors and support agencies at your event have an important role to play in the overall success of the event. When it comes to marketing and promotions aimed at increasing ticket sales, these stakeholders can be your best allies. Leverage their networks, their online presence and their communication channels to get your message across to their audiences. This will vastly increase your reach and help boost ticket sales. After all, the success of the event is their success as well.

With these basics you are in a good position to promote ticket sales at your next event. For more on how to create event marketing solutions that maximise ticket sales and turnouts, get in touch with Global Event Management Group.

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