Get the props flowing and snaps going with fantastic photo booths that are a guaranteed hit every time. Here’s a look at some noteworthy photobooth ideas that have caught our eye.

1. LED Glass Booths

G-Smatt America‘s G-Glass combines commercial-grade glass with micro-LED lighting and media content. While originally developed for buildings and public spaces, the company has also begun offering the glass for events, both as a branding option and for an interactive activity. Glass can be customized with sponsor logos, advertisements, communication, or graphic art; it can also change shapes depending on attendees moves, creating a fun activity and photo op. Click here to see the glass in action.

LED Glass Booth
GIF Photo Booth

2. Dynamic 3D GIFs

A GIF booth puts together a series of images or video to create an animation that you can share on social media with funny or interesting captions. Creative installations always draw crowds at events. Photo booths which create an immersive environment are an excellent way to provide that memorable event that event organisers and event goers crave. Such activations can easily be tailored to fit the client’s brand and event perfectly, with fully customizable and instantly shareable event memorabilia.

3. Time Stoppers

You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV: A frozen moment in time shown from 360 degrees. Now your guests can be a part of the action at your next event with a multi-camera photo experience. This new technology of bullet time, freeze frames, are becoming the perfect experiential marketing sensation.

360 Photo Booth

4. Drawing Attention

Including a sketch artist as part of the entertainment program can make your event more sophisticated and interactive. The artist mingles with the crowd and captures the most intriguing moments or personalities of your event. There are numerous options to choose from – narrative cartoons, caricatures or minimalist portraits. Now sketch artists have gone digital, and they produce shareable and video content too!

5. The Classic Photobooth

Nowadays, the classic photobooth comes in many shapes or forms such as green screen, selfie mirrors as well as vintage and custom-built booths. Just add a creative backdrop or some cool props and let your attendees have fun.

Classic Photo Booth
Leafblower Photo Booth

6. Leaf Blower Experience

Set up a photo booth, aim a leaf blower at the user’s faces, and let the camera do the rest. The still images are priceless, and the GIFs are tear-worthy! It’s the perfect experience for events of all kind. Everyone wants to tussle up their hair a bit to get a shot of the hilarity!

7. Headshot Photo Booth

Perfect for those corporate conferences and events, a headshot photo booth is the best new way to get your headshot taken. By taking away the pressure of corporate headshots, people are able to take quality headshots that are natural and express their personalities. This is also a much more affordable way for companies to offer headshots for their employees. It’s a win-win for everyone!

8. Customized Booth and Set Design

Sometimes a backdrop and silly lip and mustache props aren’t enough. Sometimes you have to spice things up a bit with a whole set! The idea is to help users take photos with an out-of-the-booth feel.

9. Back-to-Back Booth

Photo booths are a popular activity at an event which can be disappointing for some if they don’t get the chance to use it or a queue starts to form. This idea is excellent for accommodating larger events or numbers by having two booths back to back and using a double-sided backdrop to preserve space and cost.

Back to Back Photo Booth
Selfie Photo Bus

10. Photo Bus

You’ve heard of street food in quirky transport but how about a roadside photo booth like this one. This converted bus is still driveable but has fun scenes and props in the back for a fun pop up addition or to park up at your next event. The big photo signage on the top helps it stand out among the crowd and would be an excellent novelty at a festival.

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