BRF Iftar Event 2016

Doha, Qatar

Global Event Management organised and managed an Iftar event for BRF at the Marriott Hotel in Doha, Qatar. The event was designed to bring all BRF employees together as a team in order to address the company’s successes this year and for the employees to meet the rest of their team and new heads of department.

The Iftar-themed dinner event created by GEM involved team-building exercises and entertainment including:

  • Ramadan and Arabic decor
  • Fun photo booth opportunities
  • Sand artist show
  • Giant company cake to celebrate

Our professional sand artist created a stunning video which incorporated information from the speeches made by the BRF representatives. This exciting and artistic 15-minute video captured the reasons why BRF’s staff are the most important part of the company and how they have contributed to the company’s great success.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present. Another job well done by the GEM team.

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