Traditional Ramadan décor includes the popular Ramadan lights, Ramadan marquees and the classic Ramadan Majlis; these form an essential component of Ramadan events, especially here in the UAE and Middle East. Here are some other important Ramadan decor ideas to consider.

Ramadan Lights

Literally ‘light up’ your event for Ramadan and Eid this year with a range of Ramadan lights that are always on point. Whether it’s the framed moon and crescent-shaped light or the traditional lantern-style lights, these add a great atmosphere to your Ramadan event or Iftaar party.

Utilise hanging star boxes made of handmade paper and painted with beautiful designs, filled with nuts, chocolates, or small gifts!

Consider henna lanterns in a beautiful mason jar inspired by henna art and hand painted, making each one unique. Or wow your guests with charming mini holographic lanterns – perfect for stringing up for Ramadan. Use them to frame a doorway, line up on a table, in the grass along an outdoor entryway – the possibilities are endless!

Engage the kids in Ramadan festivities with a lantern decoration kit. It comes with four paper lantern cutouts that are ready to decorate with the included gems and confetti, or they can also be colored with markers and crayons.

Wall Decals

Available in a variety of sizes, Ramadan Kareem wall decals are custom cut, easily adhere to any smooth or semi smooth surface and can be removed without any sticky residue. A great addition to any decor theme!


Don’t forget the most important part of your Ramdan décor – the tableware. Amp up the wow factor with bold tableware that features striking typography. Presenting dates, dried fruits and nuts in individual silver containers is another beautiful addition to your table and will add a glamorous effect without giving away the Arabian feel.

If you’re a fan of Arabic calligraphy or art, a creative way to decorate your Iftar table is to have personalised placemats designed. The Fanous can also be an appropriate centerpiece on your table during Ramadan. You can put it as a statement piece or pair it with some flowers to add a touch of elegance to your table. Candles are another classic. To create a cozy feeling, purchase tiny candles and place them on the table next to the “fanous”.


Your event space can easily be transformed into a Ramadan Majlis that wows your guests. Colourful cushions and carpets under a gazebo look great and will give your visitors a real festive feeling. These can be matched with bespoke themes complete with the entire décor. Looking for more majlis ideas for your events? Talk to us for more information about our solutions.

Ramadan Marquee

If you are planning to host an annual staff or client party during Ramadan, then what better way to do it than in a traditional Ramadan marquee. Marquees combine the feel of traditional Arabian décor with your Ramadan theme to present a visual treat for your guests. Furnished with luxurious carpets, traditional Arab cushions and exquisite furniture, these marquees are sure to add a wow factor to your event this Ramadan.


Whether you decide to go with the traditional Islamic arch entrance or a more informal balloon arrangement, we are here to make sure your guests are greeted to the most incredible Ramadan flair possible.

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