What makes your event so special that a company would sponsor it? How will it benefit the sponsor? This is the first question any company would ask if you approach them for an event sponsorship. So, you should be prepared to explain and present a persuasive proposition that highlights the real benefits.

Sponsoring an event can be in the form of event identity, advertising, media promotion, give aways, dinners, show casing products/services, facilities at the venue, digital assets and much more. Make a list of sponsorship requirements to cover the event related costs. Create a sponsorship list of opportunities you feel you can convince companies or individuals to sponsor. Highlight a special activity in your event that you would like sponsored and if this activity is in line with the brand of the potential sponsor then this will create a more convincing proposition.  The chances of securing sponsorship is directly proportionate to the creativity level of the activity and how well it can highlight the brand.

Creating the ultimate sponsorship document

A strong and creative sponsorship pitch is vital in order to show potential sponsors the opportunities and the USPs of your proposition. Include the following key information in your sponsorship document:

  • Event introduction
  • Event objective
  • Industry key statistics and research
  • Segmentation
    • Sponsors
    • Paid visitors
    • General visitors
  • Target audience
  • Insights to visitors
  • Event Activities
  • Previous event details
    • Previous sponsors
  • Event media and marketing plan
  • Benefits of sponsoring the event
  • Current sponsors, partners and influencers
  • ROI for Client
  • Event sponsorship packages
    • Visuals
  • Event sponsorship individual opportunities
    • Visuals
  • Contact details

Factors effecting Event Sponsorship

  • Make a target list of potential sponsors, prioritize as per the relationship you or your team might have with some of the key decision makers.
  • Make use of your contacts and industry consultants to gain sponsors.
  • Work as a team with your event management partner.

Getting the right sponsors onboard requires a touch of creativity, such as planning opportunities where your sponsors can meet their marketing requirements. Pre-event visualization of branding opportunities, look and feel at the venue, 3D modelling, activity roll out and story boarding makes the difference between winning and losing a sponsor. Dependent on budget and spent will determine the kinds of activities a sponsor can be exposed to.

Target a potential list

Have a list of potential companies or individuals you would like to approach for sponsorship of the event. Work out an incentive and revenue sharing model with the event management company so the sponsorship is in line with their motivations and brand goals.

Making up your potential sponsorship list should include the following:

  • Information about your target sponsors, what you want them to provide, how much is the sponsorship cost.
  • Distribution of potential sponsors to your team and event management company based on relationships and Industry knowledge.
  • The benefits translated specifically to the potential company or individual. With a degree of customization to their brand, product or service.

Get creative and show sponsors unique opportunities

In the current business climate where securing commercial sponsorship is becoming increasingly more difficult, companies are looking for more creative and unique angles to drive high brand visibility. Data, insights and buying behavior are becoming more important for sponsors as companies focus on measurable ROIs. Offering sponsors data and insights from the event is an extremely valuable proposition and can often be the difference.

Build creative campaigns for the sponsors which include pre-event activity, exposure at the event and post event analysis. With social media providing a highly effective route to market, ensure you are offering your sponsors a comprehensive and well organised social media sponsorship strategy.

Global Event Management has worked with a wide and diverse range of companies, supporting their sponsorship strategy for events. With a dedicated sponsorship team and a proven track record in events organising, Global Event Management can help you secure the sponsorship you need for your next event. To find out more email at info@geventm.com or give us a call at 04 454 1387. 

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