Experiential marketing is where you provide potential consumers an opportunity to closely interact with your product / service, aiming to create a positive, fun and immersive experience for them. Also known as ‘face-to-face marketing’, this form of marketing is nowadays revolutionising how brands connect with their audience.

To give you an example of experiential marketing campaigns: remember those heart-warming Coca Cola videos where the truck dispenses free coca cola bottles and gifts? Or, where a machine delivers happiness? You must have seen them; those videos were shot in many countries and racked up millions of views on YouTube. Yes, they are fine examples of experiential marketing.

In the age of digital and social media, experiential marketing has an undeniable viral appeal, that, when done right, can even transform startups into multi-million-dollar enterprises.

In case you don’t believe in the power of viral marketing, you must check out the success story of Dollar Shave Club, whose cheeky video went viral and turned the startup into a 500 million-dollar company.

Brands around the world are nowadays spending big sums on experiential marketing campaigns, and part of it is because such campaigns are proving to be a high return on investment.

Studies have shown that people are 48% more likely to buy your product if they can try it first. Studies have also shown that customers are four times more likely to advocate your brand to peers if they have had a positive experience with you. It is this quest for positive customer experience that is making brands successful.

Further, a recent survey of 1600 major corporations and organizations by Moderne Communications shows that 84% of marketing managers believe that event and experiential marketing is very important or critical to their organization.

To sum up, in today’s crowded marketplace, a combination of social, digital and experiential presents a great opportunity for brands to stand out and deliver messages to their key audience and expect a higher rate of engagement and immersive conversations, eventually leading to a higher return on investment.

While the digital and social extends your brand’s ability to communicate, it’s the experience with your brand that encourages conversations that eventually lead to action.

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Here are some more examples of Experiential Marketing. Enjoy the video.


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