The ninth edition of VidCon drew 30,000 fans, video creators, and industry attendees to the Anaheim Convention Center in California between June 20 to 23.

The three-day event was made up of Q&As, screenings, and workshops with executives from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more, plus the biggest up-and-coming online video stars.

The convention naturally draws a teen-heavy crowd of fans. Brands capitalised on the Generation Z-heavy audience by creating colorful, interactive, social-media-worthy booths, lounges, and activations.

Here’s a look at how Facebook, MTV, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube drew attention at the convention center.

Facebook Consumer Booth

Facebook created a public booth activation highlighting creators including Huda Kattan, Laura Clery, Julius Dein, 80Fitz, the Crazy Gorilla, Nala Cat, and Doug the Pug. The booth featured a series of rooms where fans could pose with on-theme props and backdrops.

One photo op area featured the brand’s signature blue and thumbs-up icon, while others had 3D emojis.

Facebook also created a tranquil, outdoors-meets-indoors booth specifically for creators. An oversized logo served as an area for photo ops, while a sky-blue backdrop added to the tropical vibe. Comfortable seating areas featured florals and cactus plants.

MTV ‘Cribs’ Booth

To celebrate the original MTV Cribs franchise but add a modern, D.I.Y. twist, MTV designed an eye-catching, interactive booth built for social media. The space was designed to resemble a house, with a kitchen, a living room, and a second floor that offered a unique view of the convention center.

The kitchen was inspired by recent food trends of unicorn and mermaid toast. On the kitchen table was a 3-dimensional MTV logo, which created a fun photo op: Guests could make it look like they were biting into the logo. The kitchen fridge led to a secret tunnel constructed from pool noodles.

Twitter Green Room

Twitter’s ‘Green Room’ featured multiple rooms designed in monochromatic colors. The green area featured a rounded entrance lit with neon. Each colorful room featured props, furniture, carpets, and pillows that matched the color scheme.

In another area, a giant illuminated hashtag created a fun photo op. Guests could also get customised hoodies printed with the hashtag of their choice.

YouTube B2B Lounge

A lounge space dedicated exclusively to YouTube creators was produced. It was designed to resemble a retro diner, with a soda counter, a dessert case, diner booths with mini jukeboxes, and a temporary tattoo parlor. The dessert case was filled with branded skateboards and sweatshirts, which were custom-made as giveaways for creators.

An on-theme “menu” featured fun details such as a creator-name word search and fun facts about the brand.

This year’s partner reception was themed after a movie-studio backlot, designed to celebrate YouTube’s original programming. The front entrance featured a custom-illustrated movie studio arch.

YouTube also capitalised on its acquisition of influencer marketing platform FameBit with a photo studio space and lounge where featured creators could go for makeup styling and professional headshots. A second FameBit lounge, which was open to all VidCon creators, had a pop-up beauty bar plus food, DJs, and other entertainment.

Snapchat Creator Lounge

Snapchat created a tranquil space for meetings and networking. Greenery, umbrellas, and colorful chairs gave the indoor event an outdoor feeling.

In one area, guests could pose for photos on a swing inside the Snapchat logo, which was displayed in front of a wall of greenery and florals.

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